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The Home Appliances Division offers custom-made kitchen solutions with the world renowned appliances brand, Venus.
The strategic line-up of products of Venus appliances match the needs and desired style of customers, which is the reason behind the brand’s success. With Venus Appliances, the division has executed prestigious projects for reputed property promoters in the UAE and abroad. Presently venturing into a number of other projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the division strives to meet all international standards in terms of quality and safety.


A reputed home appliances brand actively present in world markets for more than quarter of a century, is widely available in GCC countries, CIS countries, African countries, South East Asian countries, Levant countries, India, Cyprus, Maldives, as well as in few East European countries.


The extensive product range of Venus appliances comprise of all popular products in the MDA (major domestic appliances) as well as SDA (small domestic appliances) category.

Kindly refer the hard copy catalogue of Venus for a better understanding and preview.


Products of Venus are rolled out of more than 31 factories in Italy, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, China and India.The same factories manufacture for Electrolux, White Westinghouse, Bosch, Siemens, Black & Decker, Whirlpool, Haier etc.

Quality Certifications

All Venus products are CE / CB certified and EN-30 approved for gas cookers, or else shipments to African countries will be difficult because PVoC from SGS / Bureau Veritas / Intertek is mandatory.

All the products are approved by ESMA, the UAE government Authority for Standardization and Metrology.


Venus is not yet a mainstream brand like Bosch, Siemens, LG or Samsung, but at the same time, not a brand in the OEM category either. The brand is strategically and clearly positioned in between mainstream and OEM brands within a league of its own.

Channel presence

In all markets, Venus seldom entertain distribution though non-key dealers as the brand is not interested to be a part of the price sensitive range competition. We also thoroughly believe in the 80:20 principle, that in any recognized market 80% of the business will be contributed by 20% of the retailers and hence want to stick to that 20% only.


Products of the brand Venus are not cheap, for sure. Pricing is thoroughly commensurate to the positioning of the brand, which will be lower than the mainstream brands, but marginally higher than the OEM brands.

Distributorship – Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of distribution will be as per the normal market trends and in brief, more or less as below;

Margins: Decent front end and back end margins are guaranteed.

Rebate: Depends on the volume of business commitment.

Payment term: On par with the prevailing credit terms in the industry of respective countries.

Merchandisers: Can be considered to be appointed wherever necessary promote Venus products through respective outlets (in select countries)

Advertisements and brand promotions

Promotions: We will initiate to plan and execute periodical Venus sales promotion activities, across all levels of merchandize.

Branding: Venus will support in terms of in-store & other branding options wherever necessary

Hoardings: Are already in place in few countries at strategic locations and will support wherever felt necessary and can support brand building.

POS materials: Already available across all ranges and will be utilized for branding at respective outlets.

Advertisement: Newspaper, radio ads and other media ads are a part of Venus advertisement strategy

After sales service

Venus is having full-fledged service centers in all countries it operates, with the main service centre located in Dubai, UAE.

Spares of all running as well as phased out products are available with all major service centers.

Long term brand strategy

To spread the presence across the world through marketing and channel development, internationally.

Highly ambitious plans to increase the range of product portfolio across MDA and SDA, including setting up assembly lines Venus products in strategic countries

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