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BigRep is the world’s largest 3D printer with 1m3 built volume. It works on FDM technology that can use open-source PLA biodegradable plastics. PLA comes in a variety of colors and types. PLA is also the cheapest and most used 3D printing filament.

What exactly is 3D printing?

3D printing, commonly known as additive manufacturing (AM), is a process for creating three-dimensional items. 3D printers typically use plastic polymer materials (but occasionally metal) to produce items by gluing successive layers to each other.

The production of a 3D printer, like that of many other manufacturing methods, is mapped with computer-aided designs, or CAD models. Digital models are

Types of Printers

BigRep VIIO 250

The large-scale BigRep VIIO 250 is a fully automated 3D printer for reliable continuous industrial manufacturing.

BigRep ALTRA280

BigRep ALTRA280

The ALTRA 280 is a high-performance industrial powerhouse with 4 state-of-the-art extruders for peak-level 3D printing for demanding applications.

BigRep IPSO 105

BigRep IPSO 105

The IPSO 105 is a high-temperature, industry-standard all-rounder at an unbeatable price.

BigRep One

The BigRep ONE is an award-winning large-format 3D printer at an affordable price.

BigRep Pro

The BigRep PRO is a German-engineered, large-format additive manufacturing system for industrial applications.

BigRep Studio G2

Explore new frontiers of large-format industrial additive manufacturing with the BigRep STUDIO G2

Area of use

Applications for 3D Printing A FAST AND CHEAP WAY TO BUILD AND STREAMLINE PROCESSES IN REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS IS THROUGH INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTING. Industrial additive manufacturing technology streamlines production tooling, manufacturing procedures, and prototyping. To cut production costs and time-to-market, integrate large-format 3D printers into your workflows. You can also create sustainable practices that give you total control over your product’s life cycle.

  • Limit coordinated operations and produce in weeks, not months
  • Reduce expenses for custom and low-volume creation
  • Further develop MRO execution with simple cycle and custom complex parts


  • Minimize logistics by making your own jig and fixtures! • Reduce tooling costs with digitized manufacturing and reduced assembly!
  • Print tools from digital inventory as needed to save time and storage space.

  • 3D printing molds costs a fraction of the price of CNC milling aluminum
  • Drastically reduce lead times and speed up design iterations
  • Adapt, test, and produce parts in-house with ease

  • Produce complex formwork at lightning speed with reduced lead times
  • Save money with reduced costs of digital craftsmanship
  • Achieve complex shapes unthinkable with traditional methods

  • Speed up fabrication and reduce lead times
  • Cut costs with fast and precise digital workflows
  • Streamline workflows and ramp up production

  • Reduce lead times, avoid outsourcing, and save time with streamlined processes
  • Bypass expensive machining by directly printing end-use parts and low-cost patterns
  • Leave conventional ways of development and manufacturing behind to design and produce smarter

  • Reduce lead times, avoid outsourcing, and save time with streamlined processes
  • Bypass expensive machining by directly printing end-use parts and low-cost patterns
  • Produce on demand without added costs and avoid the cost and uncertainty of keeping stock parts

  • Reduce lead times, avoid outsourcing, cut logistics, and save time with streamlined processes
  • Bypass expensive machining or injection molding by directly printing prototypes, end-use parts, and tools
  • Leave conventional ways of manufacturing behind and take the chance to design smarter

  • Prototyping design iterations is faster and easier as part of a seamless digital workflow
  • Get better-informed feedback regarding part fit, function, aesthetics, and more with full-scale prototypes
  • Accelerate time to market with 3D printed prototypes produced in a fraction of the time

  • Provide researchers and scientists with the right tools and methods to invent and prototype much faster
  • Create new methods to impart knowledge and reimagine the way students learn
  • Enable students to think more creatively by freeing them from the restrictions of traditional processes

  • Your imagination is the only limit to what you can create with a 1m3 building volume of BigRep 3D printers
  • Keep on schedule to manage tight deadlines by avoiding manual labor and outsourcing
  • 3D printing can reduce costly material waste and replace expensive skilled labor

  • Get smooth surfaces
  • Strengthen your parts
  • Add functionality

General 3D Printing Applications

Rapid Prototyping

Reduce Cost and Lead Time with Industrial 3D Printing in Product Development.

Rapid Manufacturing

Take Control of Your Manufacturing with Industrial 3D Printing for End-Use Parts.

Rapid Tooling

Develop Solutions On-Demand with Industrial 3D Printing for Jigs and Fixtures.

Forms & Moulding

Create Patterns Affordably with Industrial 3D Printing for Forms and Moulding.


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Price of the BigRep 3D printer depends on the configuration of the system and the application for which it is being used for. The price ranges from US$ 65,000 upwards depending on the model of 3D printer.

In April 2016, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed launched the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy. This initiative aims to exploit technology for the service of humanity and promote the status of the UAE and Dubai as a leading hub of 3D printing technology by the year 2030.

The country’s ‘3D printing strategy’ was part of plans to achieve global leadership in future innovations.

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