3D Printer Cost of Ownership: What you need to consider

The Additive Manufacturing market continues to grow at an exponential rate. This includes a significant increase in adoption from industrial manufacturers while the 3D printing industry itself welcomes new hardware, software and material companies everyday.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a 3D printer, such as material capabilities, build size, purpose and future intention. However, one conversation that OEMs are afraid to have with prospects and clients is the true cost of ownership.

What are the upfront costs associated with my machinery? Where can I purchase consumables, resin or filament? When will my equipment become obsolete? This article will address all these questions and more.

Our friends at BigRep have put together a great list and article that outlines how you need to select a 3D printer and the cost of ownership you need to consider before making the purchase.

The 3D printing market is vast. There are hobbyist-level 3D printers available for amateur enthusiasts, and then there is industrial additive manufacturing equipment used by engineers and professionals. Hobbyist-level 3D printer prices range between $200 – $7,500 with basic printing capabilities and materials. The industrial-grade printing equipment has a much broader price range, $25,000 – $500,000, that is much more technologically advanced.

The goal is to provide you, as the end user, with enough information so that you can be prepared to present solutions to your management. Unexpected costs or limited financial transparency will become quite problematic, especially if your organization is budget sensitive.

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3D Printer Cost Of Ownership: What You Need To Consider

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