Formcase Products

Formcase Products

Formcase is a German based manufacturer of high quality, high reliability charging solutions for Tablets/ iPad and laptop charging stations. Founded in January 2015, Formcase is a leading and innovative digital solutions company with specialization in the areas such as education, telecom and customized solutions for every other industry. Jacky’s Business Solutions is the authorized partner in the UAE.

As the technology is fast evolving, Jackys Business Solutions LLC., is in the forefront of brining the latest into the market. Operating in the UAE since 1985, Jacky’s is headquartered in Dubai, UAE with partner network across the Middle East in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain has launched yet another innovative product for the education sector. Jacky’s in collaboration with the German manufacturer Formcase has introduced a variety of charging cases, charging carts and Hub’s for tablets/ iPad’s and laptops. This will help the schools or universities to store their devices securely and charge them after they are used.

As the product is designed and manufactured from Germany using high quality components, it is designed to work for years.

Charging Trolleys

SB case solutions are especially suitable for tablets/iPads.

Charging Carts

Both Charging Cart solutions are High Performance USB-C Solutions of Formcase.

Charging Hubs

Charging Stations are made of high quality materials.


All protective cases are shown and available for the Apple

How Can Educational Institutions Use Charging Stations?

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities usually have large campuses with numerous classrooms, laboratories, libraries, staff rooms, activity rooms, auditoriums, and bookstores. As most of the learning or teaching happens through online resources and Apps, there are a lot of devices running on Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android that are being used in education.

The challenge that most educational institutions face is that they weren’t designed to have that many devices on their campuses hence they lack necessary charging points for each student, teacher or administrator. Safe storage also is an important factor as institutions or device owners want to ensure their devices stay safe when not utilized.

With Formcase charging trolleys and charging carts you have total peace of mind as the devices can be securely stored and charged at the same time in a single spot with well-organized slots for the devices and ever ready for any activities without any time wastage.

Depending on the size of the classroom and the number of students in each class the carts can be customized accordingly. Call us for a free demo on +971-4-3388900 or write to us on

Area of use




Jacky’s Business Solutions offers a range of Formcase charging solutions specifically tailored for educational institutions in the UAE. These include charging trolleys, charging carts, charging hubs, and various accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of schools, colleges, and universities.

Educational institutions in the UAE face the challenge of accommodating a large number of devices across their campuses while ensuring they remain charged and secure. With Formcase charging solutions provided by Jacky’s, institutions can securely store and charge devices such as tablets, iPads, and laptops in a single spot. This ensures devices are always ready for use, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Formcase charging solutions are designed and manufactured in Germany using high-quality components, ensuring reliability and durability. Jacky’s Business Solutions, with its decades-long presence in the UAE market and a reputation for bringing cutting-edge technology to customers, is the authorized partner for Formcase products in the UAE. This partnership guarantees customers access to innovative solutions backed by reliable service and support.

Yes, Jacky’s Business Solutions understands that each educational institution in the UAE may have unique requirements in terms of classroom size, student population, and device usage. Therefore, charging trolleys and carts can be customized to accommodate different classroom sizes and device types, ensuring a tailored solution that meets the specific needs of each institution.

Educational institutions interested in learning more about Formcase charging solutions offered by Jacky’s Business Solutions can request a free demo by contacting us at +971-4-3388900 or by emailing us at Our team will be happy to provide further information and assistance.

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