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What Is Puductor 2?

Puductor 2 is a new generation smart Disinfection robot from PUDU Robotics which uses autonomous technology. It can provide “Contactless” functions and double disinfection modules including the disinfection liquid and UV lights for cleaning and sanitization. This minimizes the risk of cross infection and improves sanitary condition for indoor environments.

Jacky’s Business Solutions, a 50+ year-old family-owned business, is a trusted name in countries including KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE. Partnering with PUDU Robotics, a leading brand in service robots based in Shenzhen, China, Jacky’s offers the “PUDUCTOR 2” Disinfection Robot. PUDU Robotics, founded in 2016, specializes in service robots for various industries globally, emphasizing strong R&D capabilities and a robust supply chain. Together, they aim to provide a safe working environment, reduce operational costs, and enhance efficiency and productivity.

Area of use

Organizations all across the world are changing how they operate in response to the ongoing challenges that COVID-19 presents. Puductor 2, our disinfection robot, provides a solution by rapidly eliminating surface and airborne viruses. The virus persists in evolving, even in the face of substantial vaccination campaigns, so continuous disinfection measures are required. Our automated solution is essential for public safety because large-scale disinfection is a difficult task for government bodies and municipal councils. Local workers are put at risk when manually disinfecting spaces, and the labor costs are substantial. Precautionary steps, like using Puductor 2, create a safer atmosphere and lessen anxiety and stress in both staff and visitors.

Our Disinfection and Sterilization Robot can be deployed in the following areas:


Bus Stations

Metro Stations


Railway stations

Place of Worship

Government Buildings


In retail, hospitality, and dining establishments, ensuring a safe environment is crucial to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. The Puductor 2 disinfection robot offers a solution by instantly neutralizing airborne and surface viruses. Constant monitoring and sterilization are essential, especially in dynamic locations like UAE’s popular destinations. With global vaccination efforts, ongoing virus mutations underscore the need for continuous disinfection. Employing a robotic solution not only prioritizes safety but also builds trust among customers. It avoids putting manual cleaning staff at risk, preventing labor shortages and chaos during contagious outbreaks.

Our Disinfection and Sterilization Robot- Puductor 2 can be deployed in the following areas:

Children’s Play Area

Super Markets & Hyper Markets



Application Areas in Retail & Hospitality


Hotel Lobby

Cinema Halls

Food Courts



Hospitals, Clinics, and health centers are constantly exposed to patients who can easily transmit the virus to other people. Our disinfection robot – Puductor 2 can be a great asset in countering the spreading of the infectious airbourne and surface virus by neutralizing them instantly.

It is always imperative to keep these facilities disinfected and sterilized for the safety of patients, health workers, doctors, and visitors. Also, it is important to note that in the event of any contagious disease it is not advisable to put outpatients and serious patients at risk. In addition, skilled doctors and nurses who are at the forefront to do the job manually may not be ready to compromise on their safety. Cleaning staff may be reluctant to carry out the job of disinfecting due to labour shortage which may result in chaos and commotion.

Cross infection in hospitals is a serious topic in the healthcare sector. Millions of patients are exposed to risk of infections during hospitalization each year and thousands of patients lose their lives. With the proper implementation of disinfection and sterilization strategy many lives can be saved.

Our Disinfection and sterilization Robot can be deployed in the following areas:


Operation Theaters

Isolation wards

Outpatient waiting area

Labs and Testing

Pharmacy stores

General wards

Intensive Care Units

Receiving area

Puductor 2, our disinfection robot, is crucial for safeguarding educational institutions from virus transmission. It instantly neutralizes airborne and surface viruses, ensuring a clean and safe environment for students and staff. Maintaining a disinfected campus is essential for the well-being of everyone, especially during contagious outbreaks. Puductor 2 provides a cost-effective solution, prioritizing safety in the learning environment.

Our Disinfection and Sterilization Robot- Puductor 2 can be deployed in the following areas:

Main Reception

Waiting areas




Indoor Gym

Staff Room



The two difficult years since the arrival of the deadly disease COVID-19 have caused significant changes and impacts on the work of financial institutions. Our disinfection robot, Puductor 2, is invaluable in responding to outbreaks by immediately eliminating flu and surface viruses. The world has not completely eradicated the spread of this highly infectious disease, as the virus evolves into different forms from time to time. For the safety and well-being of our guests and staff, it is important that all facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected. In addition, it is important to remember that you are very vulnerable to harming your customers in the event of an epidemic. Customers can lose out to banks if they feel their security is at risk. Cleaners can charge astronomical fees for cancellations.

Our Disinfection and Sterilization Robot can be deployed in the following areas:


Bank customer waiting area

ATM centers

Back office

Railway stations

Front office & Customer service areas

Teller counters

In high-traffic areas like retail stores, hotels, and restaurants, constant monitoring, disinfecting, and sterilizing are crucial to contain the spread of viruses like COVID-19 and its variants. Our disinfection robot, Puductor 2, offers a valuable solution by instantly neutralizing airborne and surface viruses. This is especially important in dynamic environments such as those in the UAE, a top global destination for business travelers and tourists. While global vaccination efforts have made progress, the mutating nature of the virus requires continuous disinfection measures. A disinfecting robot not only ensures safety but also builds trust among customers, as it eliminates the need for manual cleaning by frontline staff, preventing potential reluctance and labor shortages during contagious outbreaks. Our Disinfection and Sterilization Robot- Puductor 2 can be deployed in the following areas:



  • Dry mist disinfection, highly effective against the COVID-19 and variants.
  • 4 spray nozzles for an atomization rate of up to 2L/h, this robot is capable of holding up to 15L of disinfectant solution.
  • 10um dry disinfectant particles ensuring full contact with microorganisms.
  • Adjustable atomization rate: 4 mist output and Lower rate for dry-mist concentration retention in a semi-open scenario. Higher rate for faster targeted dry-mist concentration. 

These 10µm dry particles can be suspended in the air for an extended period in a random Brownian motion, thus ensuring that the disinfectant comes into full contact with microorganisms in the air to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.


  • 360° sterilization.
  • 4 x 36w ozone-free UV lamp equipped, achieving an industry leading ultraviolet illumination of 180μW/cm² within 1 meter.
  • The UV-C lamp is highly effective against most types of bacteria and viruses, securing a 99.99% disinfection rate.
  • Intelligent UV-C Lamp Protector-Enclosed cabin with motorized interlocking mechanism, providing protection to the lamp while not operating


The robot is equipped with two batteries. The total battery capacity is 51.2Ah, for a maximum disinfection time of up to 6h, which can support the disinfection of 12-15 rooms (20㎡/room).

Boil-dry Protection and Low-level Warning Liquid level safety detector in the ultrasonic chamber, the ultrasonic frequency terminates automatically when the liquid level is lower than the safety level.
Real-time liquid level protector in the solution tank, reminding the user to replenish the solution when the liquid level is low.


Equipped with millimeter wave motion sensor, the robot will shut down the UV lamps and the task of spraying automatically if it detects a person within 3 meters.


Remote Access: Remote terminal control of robot operation, task management, and work report printing.
Automatic Work Report Generation: Some of the work reports generated automatically, check disinfection status of target areas


Laser SLAM self-driving Solution helps to:

  • Move freely in a 100,000m2 space
  • Detection range up to 40mts
  • Real time positioning error less than 10 cms



  • Powered by INTEL -REALSENSE RGBD camera
  • Powerful 3D perception                
  • Detects obstacles automatically with a stop time of 0.5 Sec


  1. The staff checks the capacity of the disinfectant solution.
  2. The staff sets disinfection tasks.
    • Cruise Mode: Total disinfection time driving path and disinfection method.
    • Fixed-point Mode: single point/multi-point disinfection and disinfection method
  1. Puductor 2 automatically reaches the initial point of work.
  2. Puductor 2 begins to count down and notifies people to stay away from the disinfection areas.
  3. Puductor 2 completes the task as programmed or the staff terminates the task remotely.
  4. Puductor 2 automatically returns to the charging dock.


  1. The staff manually pushes the Puductor 2 to the disinfection point.
  2. The staff checks the capacity of the disinfectant solution.
  3. The staff sets disinfection tasks (total disinfection time, disinfection method).
  4. Puductor2 begins to count down and notifies people to stay away from the disinfection areas.
  5. Puductor 2 completes the task as programmed or the staff terminates the task remotely.
  6. The staff manually pushes Puductor 2 back to the charging dock.


Machine Dimension


Machine Weight


Battery Capacity


Reservoir Capacity


Irradiation Intensity at one meter distance

188 μW/cm² , UV-C(254nm)

Effective Disinfection distance

3 meters

Disinfection Time

Max 6H (Automatic Recharging)

Cruise Speed

0.1-1.2m/s Adjustable

Disinfectant Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide( H2O2)Hypochlorous Acid( HClO)Chlorine Dioxide(ClO)etc.

Working Voltage


Motion Sensor


UV-C Lamp Protector


Solution Inlet& Outlet


Max Climbing Angle




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The Puductor 2 disinfection robot is an advanced robotic system designed to autonomously clean and disinfect various surfaces, including floors, walls, and objects, using ultraviolet (UV) light technology.

The Puductor 2 disinfection robot uses UV-C light to kill or inactivate microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, on surfaces. It autonomously navigates through the designated area, emitting UV light to disinfect the surfaces it encounters.

Yes, the Puductor 2 disinfection robot is effective against COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. UV-C light on surfaces has been proven to be effective in killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Yes, the Puductor 2 disinfection robot can be safely deployed in various government sectors in the UAE. It is suitable for government offices, healthcare facilities, airports, public transportation, and other areas where regular disinfection is necessary.

The Puductor 2 offers several benefits, including enhanced hygiene standards, reduced labor costs, improved efficiency, consistent disinfection quality, and increased guest confidence. It also minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and helps maintain a safe environment for staff and guests.

Yes, the Puductor 2 is designed with safety in mind. It incorporates advanced sensors and algorithms to detect human presence and automatically shuts down or redirects its path to avoid any potential harm. It is safe for use in environments with both staff and guests present.

The Puductor 2 can effectively clean various areas within the hospitality sector including hotel rooms, corridors, lobbies, conference rooms, restaurants, and other high-traffic spaces. It can disinfect both large and small areas efficiently.

You can either purchase or rend a Puductor 2 disinfection robot in the UAE through its authorized distributor by reaching out to their team on vms.sales@jacky.com or calling +97143388900 for information on pricing, availability, and installation requirements.

The Puductor 2 Disinfection Robot is suitable for the education sector in the UAE because it offers a highly efficient and reliable solution for maintaining hygiene standards in schools and universities. It reduces the risk of infections and helps to ensure the well-being of students and staff members.

The disinfection time may vary depending on the size of the classroom and the level of contamination. However, the Puductor 2 Disinfection Robot is designed to work efficiently and complete the disinfection process within a reasonable timeframe, usually ranging from a few minutes to half an hour.

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