Experience the future of healthcare with ConnectedCare and streamline everyday life at the hospital comfortably and more efficiently.

ConnectedCare improves communication in the hospital as you can perform everything from a comprehensive digital healthcare solution. The single-source platform consists of an all-in-one package of entertainment, infotainment, and enhanced communication, enabling healthcare teams to deliver personalized and informed care plans for every patient. The patients right from their bedsides are facilitated by the appropriate hardware, comprising tablets and phones for their enhanced comfort.

The bedside terminals improve the patient experience by allowing access to vital services and information, improving communication with healthcare providers, and encouraging patient involvement in their care.

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Area of use

Say goodbye to communication barriers and hello to a new era of collaborative care!
From instant messaging to video conferencing, ConnectedCare keeps patients, nursing staff, and healthcare providers connected like never before. Elevate your communication standards with ConnectedCare today.





Your Digital Gateway for Patient Requests

With ConnectedCare, communication between patients and healthcare providers becomes instant and effective. Experience the ease of managing your healthcare demands at your fingertips. Patients can now make requests digitally, whether for medication refills, appointment scheduling, or questions about their treatment plans. Choose ConnectedCare for seamless, hassle-free patient requests.


Simplify the meal ordering process with ConnectedCare!

The patient can now directly place an order to the hospital’s kitchen management through the Meal Ordering Module by accessing comprehensive information on meal options, nutritional details, and dietary restrictions right from their bedside. This not only takes the burden off the nursing staff but also eases customized dining choices for the patients. With ConnectedCare, ordering meals becomes a personalized experience tailored to individual preferences and requirements.


Experience the convenience of virtual consultations with ConnectedCare!

Stay connected with your patients via VideoVisit Module managing infectious diseases while reducing the distance hassles. With the ConnectedCare tablet, doctors and nursing staff can easily connect with their patients and conduct virtual rounds to the wards ensuring a seamless and productive experience every time.

Make bedside entertainment a seamless part of healthcare by implementing ConnectedCare to transform the patient experience. With ConnectedCare, patients can access a wide range of entertainment options, from movies and music (SkyTV) to games and educational content. The platform guarantees that each moment is full of entertainment and distraction, whether the patient is recovering from a procedure or holding out for the next appointment.




Entertainment on TV, Radio, and the Internet

ConnectedCare makes every area of your healthcare environment joyful, whether it’s through personalized content on your TV, listening to a radio station that has been hand-picked, or browsing a vast array of entertainment options on the internet.




Your Hub for E-Books and E-Magazines

Dive into a wealth of digital content catered to your preferences and needs. With ConnectedCare modules eMagazine and eBooks, patients can access a diverse collection of e-books and e-magazines covering a wide range of topics from digital daily newspapers, and health and wellness to lifestyle and beyond.




Turn downtime into enjoyable gaming sessions!

The GameCenter Module enters the patient into a world of fun. ConnectedCare offers patients a wide range of enjoyable activities, such as sudoku, puzzles, Bubble Shooter, and the newest gaming fads, both online and offline. With ConnectedCare, keep the patients entertained with delightful gaming experiences, ensuring moments of joy and relaxation throughout the healthcare journey.

ConnectedCare offers various modules that allow patients to access vital healthcare resources and receive real-time updates easily. The patients use certain services independently and as a result, this lessens the workload on nursing staff and doctors.





ConnectedCare equips patients with the information they need to make wise decisions about their health, including real-time updates, educational resources, and personalized health records. ConnectedCare ensures clarity and confidence in every healthcare interaction by providing easy access to information allowing patients to stay updated on their treatment plans, medications, and progress, all in one convenient place.


ConnectedCare Hardware – Bedside Terminals

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Hardware Solutions from ConnectedCare.

The hardware offerings seamlessly integrate with the ConnectedCare digital platform to improve patient care and streamline operations. From hi-tech bedside terminals to mobile devices and robust infrastructure, ConnectedCare hardware is designed to meet the unique requirements of modern healthcare facilities. With our extensive range of hardware solutions, you can enjoy dependability, effectiveness, and versatility. Select ConnectedCare for a smooth technological integration that improves all aspects of healthcare delivery. Unlock the full potential of connected healthcare by elevating your facility with ConnectedCare hardware.

ConnectedCare Tablets

ConnectedCare is the market leader in bedside terminals with 300,000 ConnectedCare tablets in use worldwide. ConnectedCare tablets are offered in 13” and 16” sizes with robust body and easy-to-use features. The tablet models are 13FD and 16FD.

ConnectedCare Mounts

ConnectedCare mounts are specialized mounts that can easily fit securely to ConnectedCare hardware such as bedside terminals, tablets, or other devices. ConnectedCare mounts available as a wall-mount arm, a ceiling-mount arm, or a bedside table mount optimize space while maintaining a sleek and modern design thanks to their simple installation and flexible configuration options.

BedsidetableMount GFK: TÜV-certified and compatible with all common bedside tables: The swivel arm GFK is flexible, robust, and inexpensive.

BedsidetableMount S: Based on the GFK model, the bedside table mount S is also adjustable in height and offers greater flexibility to your patients.

WallArm 500: The all-rounder. No matter how patients use the wall-mounted arm – whether they are pulling, pushing, tilting, or twisting it – the mounted patient terminal is always in the perfect position.

WallArm 500 plus: Thanks to its swivel joints and their individual configuration for special room conditions, the WallMount.Arm 500 plus is a flexible solution for almost every patient room.

CeilingArm 2000: Extra-long range – With its three joints, the arm can extend up to 1.9 meters into the room. It is also perfectly suited for use in fully equipped hospital rooms.

SafeHolder iPad: For the Apple experience at the patient’s bed. The mount was developed especially for using an iPad in the hospital. The magnetic fixation offers patients maximum flexibility.

ConnectedCare Phones

ConnectedCare phones are specifically designed to simplify communication for patients, considering the daily realities of hospital life. These devices feature an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing patients to easily maintain connections with their loved ones.

Phone 6: Straightforward phone calls for people of all ages – The Phone 6 expands the scope of functions of the ConnectedCare tablets.

Phone 7: Its integrated keyboard offers patients a convenient and safe environment for making phone calls.

Free choice of hardware

Different hospitals have different needs, and ConnectedCare provides flexibility in selecting patient terminals to accommodate these differences. Whether using ConnectedCare tablets, iPads, or other compatible devices, the ConnectedCare software works independently of the hospital’s output medium.


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ConnectedCare is a comprehensive digital healthcare solution designed to streamline communication, entertainment, and patient care within hospital settings.

ConnectedCare facilitates instant messaging, video conferencing, and other communication channels to keep patients, nursing staff, and healthcare providers connected like never before.

Patients can digitally manage their healthcare demands, such as medication refills, appointment scheduling, and treatment plan inquiries, through ConnectedCare’s intuitive interface.

Yes, ConnectedCare simplifies the meal ordering process by allowing patients to directly place orders to the hospital’s kitchen management system, providing comprehensive information on meal options, nutrition, and dietary restrictions.

ConnectedCare enables virtual consultations through its VideoVisit Module, allowing doctors and nursing staff to connect with patients remotely, manage infectious diseases, and conduct virtual rounds to ensure seamless care delivery.

ConnectedCare provides access to a wide range of entertainment options, including movies, music, games, e-books, e-magazines, and personalized content tailored to individual preferences.

ConnectedCare offers various modules that provide patients with access to vital healthcare resources, real-time updates, educational content, and personalized health records, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.

ConnectedCare offers bedside terminals, tablets, mounts, and phones specifically designed to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve communication within healthcare facilities.

ConnectedCare mounts include wall-mount arms, ceiling-mount arms, bedside table mounts, and specialized mounts for iPads, providing flexibility and space optimization while maintaining a sleek and modern design.

Yes, ConnectedCare offers flexibility in selecting patient terminals, including tablets, iPads, and other compatible devices, ensuring compatibility with various hospital setups and preferences.

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