RAM® Mounts

RAM® Mounts

RAM® Mounts manufactures rugged and versatile mounting systems for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices that can be attached nearly anywhere. Unlike other mounts on the market, RAM® allows you to secure devices where you need them most. The unique design of the RAM® Mounts system provides quick installation, adjustability, strength, vibration damping, and durability—all at a low cost. Backed by a lifetime warranty, RAM® uses powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum with lightweight and high-strength composites, stainless steel hardware, and rubber balls.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC has partnered with RAM® Mounts to offer an extensive range of innovative mounting solutions for mobile devices and tablets. As a Samsung Manage Service Provider (MSP) Partner in the UAE, our experienced team is well-equipped to provide customized solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. We’re here to quickly and efficiently address your mounting challenges.

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For both businesses and consumers, the retail experience has undergone significant change due to technology. RAM® Mounts’ mobile mounting solutions are now necessary because of the increasing number of devices being used in the retail sector for merchandising, inventory control, and warehouse operations. In retail settings, rely on RAM® for rugged mounts for tablets, scanners, and other devices.



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With a wide range of creative and adaptable mounting options for wheelchairs, workstations, medical transportation vehicles, and assistive technology devices, RAM® Mounts is well-known in the healthcare sector. For equipment and device mounts for a range of healthcare applications, rely on RAM®.

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RAM®, the manufacturer of the most rugged mounting systems available, supports the devices that government and military personnel use every day. Count on RAM® in government applications such as the military, education, public transportation, and federal agencies.


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Quick and secure access to important devices such as vehicle-mounted computers and tablets is critical in logistics environments. That’s why RAM® Mounts is the go-to choice for attaching whatever device is required to forklifts, carts, pallet jacks, and other warehouse vehicles using a variety of mounting options. Our long history of success in the material handling industry is demonstrated by our work with companies such as Crown, Honeywell, Raymond, Zebra, and many others. Count on RAM® to get the job done in any material handling environment.








    Our mounting systems' rubber ball and socket design provides a secure hold, near-infinite flexibility, and vibration dampening for the most demanding settings. With thousands of components trusted by customers worldwide, we've been able to create and develop mounting solutions that consumers and businesses could only dream of.


    Transfer your phone mount from your truck to your boat or combine components to create your ideal mount. Because of the RAM® system's versatility, you may tailor your solution to meet your individual requirements in practically any application.


    A premium design demands the best materials available, including rubber and stainless steel, as well as high-strength composites and marine-grade aluminum. Our facilities, which include powder coating, die casting, rubber injection molding, and stress and vibration testing, enable us to keep our promise to provide you with innovative mounting solutions.


    It's straightforward. Because we are the industry leader in superior mounting solutions, we guarantee everything we manufacture. We're confident in the quality of our products, and you can be too with our warranty.

*Electronics, including powered docks, have a 1–3-year guarantee.


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RAM® Mounts offers unparalleled versatility, durability, and adjustability. Our unique rubber ball and socket design ensures a secure hold with near-infinite flexibility and vibration dampening, perfect for demanding settings. Plus, our products are backed by a lifetime guarantee, reflecting our confidence in their quality.

Absolutely! Our mounting systems are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor solutions to your unique requirements. Whether you need mounts for retail merchandising, healthcare equipment, government applications, or logistics operations in the UAE, we can provide solutions that meet your exact specifications.

RAM® Mounts uses only high-quality materials such as marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and high-strength composites, ensuring durability and reliability even in harsh environments.

In the evolving landscape of retail, technology plays a crucial role. RAM® Mounts offers rugged mounting solutions for tablets, scanners, and other devices used in retail settings for tasks like merchandising and inventory control. Our versatile mounts ensure secure placement of devices, enhancing operational efficiency in UAE retail businesses.

RAM® Mounts provides a wide range of mounting options for healthcare equipment, including wheelchairs, workstations, medical transportation vehicles, and assistive technology devices. These solutions offer flexibility and adaptability, catering to various healthcare applications and enhancing patient care in the UAE.

As a manufacturer of rugged mounting systems, RAM® Mounts is trusted by government and military personnel worldwide. Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of critical applications in sectors such as education, public transportation, and federal agencies, providing secure attachment for devices used in UAE government operations.

In logistics environments, quick and secure access to devices is essential for operational efficiency. RAM® Mounts offers a variety of mounting options for vehicle-mounted computers and tablets used in forklifts, carts, pallet jacks, and other warehouse vehicles in the UAE. Our solutions are trusted by leading companies in the material handling industry, ensuring reliable performance in diverse logistics settings.

Yes, RAM® Mounts products are designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, scanners, and vehicle-mounted computers. Our versatile mounting systems can accommodate various device sizes and configurations, making them suitable for use with common business technology in the UAE.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC, as a Samsung Manage Service Provider (MSP) Partner in the UAE, offers customized mounting solutions tailored to the unique requirements of businesses in the region. With our experienced team and extensive range of RAM® Mounts products, we can efficiently address mounting challenges and enhance operational workflows for UAE businesses.

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