HP’s collection of Large Format Printers provides cutting-edge features and technology, helping design professionals complete their jobs quickly and with quality.

HP invents technologies to deliver solutions that make you stand out. Latest reliable Wide Format printers, ideal for technical & high-impact graphics.

Types Of Printers


Stay competitive with this affordable 126-in (3.2-m) HP Latex printer


HP’s roll-to-roll wide format printers are designed to tackle high volumes of large-


The horsepower you need for dedicated application production.


The New HP Latex 630 Series: Your Route to Sign Shop Success


Improve your sustainability and pick from a wide range of compatible eco-conscious  


The HP Latex 800 series’ drives the lowest cost efficiency with 3-litre eco cartridges 

HP Latex R printer series

The only true hybrid solution, equally strong in both rigid and flexible.

HP Latex 300 printer series

Prints come out dry for same-day delivery with scratch-resistance 

HP Latex 115 printer

Easy, affordable access to indoor/outdoor printing

Area of use

HP large format printers are versatile devices that find applications in various industries due to their ability to produce high-quality, wide-format prints. Here are some industries where HP large format printers are commonly used:

HP large format printers are widely used in the architecture and engineering sectors for printing detailed blueprints, construction plans, and technical drawings. The ability to produce accurate and detailed prints is crucial in these fields.

Large format printers play a significant role in the advertising and marketing industry for creating posters, banners, and signage. The vibrant colors and high resolution of HP printers make them suitable for producing eye-catching promotional materials.

Professionals in the graphic design and printing industry use HP large format printers to produce high-quality graphics, artwork, and proofs. The precise color reproduction and wide color gamut make these printers valuable for graphic-intensive applications.

In educational institutions, large format printers are used for creating educational materials, charts, maps, and other teaching aids. The ability to print large documents facilitates collaborative learning and presentations.

Retailers utilize large format printers for in-store signage, window displays, and promotional materials. The capability to produce vibrant and detailed prints helps attract customers and enhance the overall shopping experience.

In the textile and apparel industry, large format printers are employed for creating fabric patterns, designs, and prototypes. These printers are essential for industries involved in textile printing and garment manufacturing.

Professional photographers use large format printers to produce high-quality prints of their photographs for exhibitions, galleries, or client presentations. The printers allow them to showcase their work in large formats with excellent detail and color accuracy.

Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals and cartographers use large format printers to produce detailed maps and geographical data visualizations. The ability to print large maps is essential for urban planning, environmental studies, and land management.

In the construction and real estate industries, large format printers are used to print architectural renderings, site plans, and marketing materials. These prints help convey project details to clients, investors, and other stakeholders.

Large format printers play a role in manufacturing and prototyping by producing detailed schematics, technical drawings, and prototypes. This is particularly important in industries such as automotive and aerospace.



See how our broad selection of media and finishing options, with end-to-end solutions, can help you grow your applications—and your business.


Create eye-catching promotional displays and provide uniform color across rigid and flexible substrates for your customer campaigns.

Outdoor Signage

Produce unforgettable banners and building wraps that remain durable in outdoor conditions.


Deliver vibrant backlit applications that leave lasting impressions.

Events and Exhibitions

Offer brand color consistency across rigid and flexible substrates, ideal for indoor applications.

Soft Signage

Expand your signage offering with a range of durable textiles.

Vehicle Wraps

Grow your business with high-quality, easy to install vehicle wraps. HP Latex Inks produce prints that come out dry for instant cut/lamination.

Window Graphics image

Window Graphics

Set yourself apart with high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time.

Labels and Stickers image

Labels and Stickers

Produce detailed, durable images with wall decals, window graphics, and vehicle stickers.

Customizable Clothing image

Customizable Clothing

Make high-quality, washable items, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, aprons, and more.


Capture new profit for your business in the rapidly expanding interior decoration market. Thanks to the unique advantages of HP Latex printing—from enabling tremendous creative potential with broad substrate choice to same-day delivery of odorless indoor prints—the industry is in the midst of a complete transformation.

Window Blinds

Add color, design, and brand identity to window shades, blinds, and indoor window treatments.


Stretch and fold without cracking— from wrapped to wide format— eliminating the need for lamination.


Expand your offerings and capture new profit potential with customized wallcoverings and photo wall murals.

Textiles for Home Décor

Differentiate your portfolio with a range of washable and odorless home décor applications.

Synthetic Leather

Offer outstanding and unique applications by printing on both PU and PVC-based artificial leather.


Create attractive and unique designs on PVC flooring tailored to your customer needs.


With HP Latex R Printer series, you can offer high-value specialty boxes and displays with the glossiest white1 and the most vibrant colors2 – with a flexible ink that enables better folding and bending without cracking compared to UV ink-based technologies.

Specialty Boxes

Say yes to short runs and create high-impact customized packaging. Flexible HP Latex Inks enable better folding and bending without cracking compared to UV ink based technologies.


The HP Latex R Printer series is a hybrid solution that allows you to achieve amazing colors on both rigid and flexible, and sharpens the quality of any rigid substrate, including corrugated cardboard.


With HP Latex R Printer series, you can give your point of sales applications an extra dimension with thermoformed prints, amazing colors, and the glossiest of whites.1 Achieve the same look across rigid and flexible campaigns using one technology and say goodbye to print and mount.

Indoor Pop & Backlit Gaming

Create brilliant POP displays and backlit gaming consoles that are capable of grabbing customers’ attention with rich, vibrant colors, high-opacity white2, and eye-catching detail.

Outdoor Signage

Create stunning large signs with deep draw designed to resist color density loss due to stretching of the media, and high-opacity white2 for backlit signs.

Plastics Manufacturing

Create high-quality plastic manufacturing and a deep draw, with reduced iterations. Flexible HP Latex Inks resist color density loss and are designed to better resist cracking during production, and chipping during finishing, compared to UV ink based technologies.


  • Latex Ink Technology

    Utilizes water-based latex inks that are environmentally friendly, odorless, and produce vibrant colors with high image quality. These inks are also scratch-resistant and offer outdoor durability without lamination, making them suitable for a diverse range of indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Versatile Media Compatibility

    HP Latex printers are compatible with a broad range of media types, including vinyl, banners, textiles, papers, films, and more. This versatility allows for the production of diverse applications such as signage, vehicle wraps, wallpapers, textiles, and point-of-purchase displays.

  • Outdoor Durability

    Prints produced with HP Latex inks offer outdoor durability without the need for additional lamination, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as banners, signage, and vehicle wraps. The prints resist fading, scratching, and weathering, ensuring long-lasting results.

  • High-Speed Printing

    HP Latex printers feature high-speed printing capabilities, enabling efficient production of large volumes of prints without compromising quality. This makes them suitable for high-demand environments where productivity is essential.

  • Odorless Printing

    Unlike solvent-based printers, HP Latex printers produce prints with virtually no odor, making them suitable for indoor environments such as schools, hospitals, and offices where odor sensitivity is a concern.

  • Instant Dry Prints

    Prints produced with HP Latex printers are instantly dry and ready for finishing, reducing production time and allowing for faster turnaround times.

  • Automatic Maintenance

    HP Latex printers feature automated maintenance systems that help ensure consistent print quality and reliability. This includes features such as automatic printhead cleaning, nozzle health checks, and ink cartridge management.

  • User-Friendly Operation

    Designed with user convenience in mind, HP Latex printers feature intuitive touchscreen interfaces and easy-to-use software, making them accessible to users with varying levels of experience.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    HP Latex printers are designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing water-based inks and producing prints that are odorless and environmentally friendly. Additionally, HP Latex printers are ENERGY STAR® certified, consuming less energy compared to traditional solvent-based printers.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management

    Many HP Latex printers come equipped with remote monitoring and management capabilities, allowing users to monitor print jobs, track printer status, and receive alerts remotely via computer or mobile device. This enhances workflow efficiency and enables proactive maintenance.


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Latex printing is used across a wide range of applications and materials such as soft signage, wallpapers, vehicle graphics, banners, and vinyl. With uses both indoor and outdoor, the ability to print on both coated and uncoated materials makes this method of printing extremely versatile.

latex ink printers use print heads to distribute water-based inks on media. In the case of latex ink printing, the latex acts as a carrier for the color pigments.

printing with latex can be done on a variety of unique printing materials including:

  • Backlit Translucent Vinyl.
  • Custom Wallpaper Substrates.
  • Heavy Poster.
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Composites
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Wood, veneer, laminates
  • Mesh Vinyl for fence wraps.
  • Opaque Vinyl with Adhesive.
  • Coated textile
  • Various coated media like paper, boards etc
  • Perforated See-Thru Vinyl.
  • Re-positionable Photo Text Material.
  • Vinyl Banner.

HP Latex Inks use a type of polymer to encapsulate the pigment, which is suspended in water as a carrier liquid to enable it to be jetted through the printheads. Heat is used to evaporate the water, and to activate the polymers to bind the pigments to the media.

Wide format printer is a printer that has a maximum printing width between 24 and 100 inches.

Large format printing allows us to print on a larger scale and make an impact while still maintaining high resolution and clarity. It enables printing on a range of materials, shapes, and sizes. Large format printers ensure businesses, events and advertising messages can be presented in a clear, bold, and impressive way.

HP Latex R Series and HP Latex Roll Printers.

The Large Format Printing process is quite similar to the digital printing method. It is ideal for items that require full-color printing.

First, you will need to select which type of material you want to use, and what the end product is going to be. Then, you will need to define the exact shape and size of that product.

Once this is done, the appropriate artwork will need to be created to match the right dimensions for the product. In line with the graphics, the press will set-out the toner via a range of large nozzles. During which, a very fine layer of ink is sprayed onto the surface according to the design. The ink gets directly applied to the product without using any form of transfer, and this creates a highly authentic print.

Most printing companies will then use heaters to help dry the ink and finalize the project. The printing process is quick like digital printing and can produce high-quality images and photographs.

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