Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Surface brings together the best of Microsoft and empowers businesses of all sizes to focus on the bigger picture. The Surface journey began with a vision to transform the tech world so we shouldn’t have to choose between versatility and performance. Surface is shaping the new era of hybrid work, while giving employees the flexibility to work their best from anywhere and reducing complexity for IT teams.

Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen Windows-based personal computers and interactive whiteboards designed for the modern workplace. With innovative designs, the products are versatile in that they can be used in various settings seamlessly.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC is a Gold Partner of Microsoft and continues and has been working with Microsoft as a partner for Microsoft Surface Devices in the Corporate, Education and Enterprise segments in the United Arab Emirates. We customize Microsoft’s latest offerings perfectly to suit educational requirements with our primary vision of continuously enhancing customer confidence by providing trusted brands, products, and services.

The Microsoft Surface family of mobility devices includes the Surface Pro series, the Surface Laptop, Surface Studio, and Surface Go.

Types Of Devices:

Surface Studio 2 +

The Surface Studio 2+ is an excellent choice for professionals in the creative and professional

Surface Go 3

Microsoft’s Surface Go 3 is the smallest business laptop and tablet that was introduced in September 2021

Surface Laptop 5

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is the latest edition of the Microsoft Surface laptop

Surface Pro 9

The Surface Pro 9 can replace your laptop, combining the benefits of a laptop and tablet

Surface Laptop Studio 2

The Surface Laptop Studio 2, introduced by Microsoft, is a unique device that offers a versatile and innovative design.

Surface Laptop G0 3

The Surface Laptop G0 3 can replace your laptop, combining the benefits of a laptop and tablet, into one hyper-mobile device.

Area of use

At Surface for Business, we understand that every industry has its unique demands. That’s why we’ve tailored our Microsoft Surface devices to seamlessly integrate into various business landscapes, providing innovative solutions to enhance productivity and drive success. Explore how Surface devices are transforming industries:

  • Surface devices facilitate streamlined patient care with secure access to medical records, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions at the point of care.
  • With features like Surface Pen and touch screen capabilities, doctors can easily annotate charts and collaborate on treatment plans, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • Surface devices empower educators to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students, whether in the classroom or remote learning environments.
  • From versatile 2-in-1 designs to powerful performance, Surface devices cater to diverse teaching styles and enhance student engagement through innovative technology.
  • Surface devices offer robust security features and enterprise-grade protection, ensuring sensitive financial data remains confidential and compliant with regulations.
  • With seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and productivity tools, financial professionals can optimize workflows and drive business growth with confidence.
  • Surface devices provide real-time access to production data and IoT insights, enabling manufacturers to make data-driven decisions and optimize operational efficiency.
  • Rugged design and durability ensure reliability in challenging environments, while versatile form factors adapt to diverse manufacturing workflows.
  • Surface devices enhance the retail experience with interactive displays, mobile point-of-sale solutions, and personalized customer engagement tools.
  • With integrated payment systems and inventory management software, retailers can streamline operations and deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Surface devices empower legal professionals to work anytime, anywhere, with secure access to case files and collaboration tools.
  • Touchscreen capabilities and digital inking enable lawyers to review and annotate documents with precision, enhancing productivity and client communication.
  • Surface devices unleash creativity with powerful performance and innovative design features, catering to the unique needs of artists, designers, and content creators.
  • From digital sketching to 3D modeling, Surface devices offer versatile tools to bring creative visions to life with unparalleled precision and flexibility.

Versatility Across Industries

  • Efficient Workstation:

    Surface devices are ideal for professionals across sectors. Whether you're in government, finance, telecom, healthcare, education, or hospitality, these devices serve as efficient workstations for various tasks such as report writing, data analysis, and client communication.

  • Seamless Connectivity:

    With versatile connectivity options, Surface devices adapt seamlessly to the unique needs of each industry. Connect to a range of peripherals, ensuring you stay productive in any work environment.

  • On-the-Go Productivity:

    The lightweight design and long battery life of Surface devices facilitate on-the-go productivity, allowing professionals to stay connected and efficient wherever they are.

Surface Family:

Practical Applications

  • Data Accessibility:

    Access critical information, create reports, and collaborate on projects with ease. Surface devices are equipped with powerful processors to handle complex tasks, making them indispensable across sectors.

  • Communication Excellence:

    Whether in client meetings, remote work, or on the field, Surface devices foster effective communication through features like high-quality audio, touch screens, and pen input.

  • Stylish Functionality:

    The sleek design of Surface devices adds a touch of style to functionality. Professionals in hospitality, education, and more can appreciate the blend of aesthetics and practicality.

  • Adaptability in Education:

    In the education sector, Surface devices have become tools for accessing educational resources, creating presentations, and completing assignments. Their student-friendly design ensures seamless integration into the learning environment.

Support Service from Jacky’s

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC, have a highly efficient customer support team to give quality products & service to our customer, to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with our customers and ensure that they continue to rely on our expertise and support for their technology needs. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner in United Arab Emirates, we constantly provide support to our customer on below mentioned services:

  • Provide warranty support

    Our customer can expect warranty support. This could include helping you initiate warranty claims, assisting with repairs or replacements, or connecting them with the appropriate resources to address their warranty needs.

  • Troubleshoot issues

    If you encounter any issues with your Microsoft Surface device, you can contact Jacky’s customer support team for support by troubleshooting the issue and providing solutions. This could include walking you through software updates, addressing hardware issues, or helping navigate any other technical issues.

  • Conduct training sessions

    Our support team can guide you for better understand how to use your Microsoft Surface device effectively. This could include training on specific software applications, demonstrating device features, or providing tips and tricks for using the device more efficiently.

  • Product knowledge

    We can give a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Surface product line, including the features, benefits, and capabilities of each device, which we believe will help our customers make informed decisions and choose the right device for their needs.

  • Assist with zero touch deployment Solutions

    Increasingly with remote work becoming the norm, being able to setup devices for remote users and administer devices using tools like Microsoft Autopilot, the technical team at Jacky’s can do the initial setup and train administrators to management the deployment of future devices onto an enterprises corporate network.


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Microsoft Surface is a line of touchscreen based personal tablets, laptops and interactive whiteboards designed and developed by Microsoft, running the Windows Operating System.

Depending on the model, Surface transforms from a 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop with keyboard, to a portable tablet, digital canvas, to docked workstation.

Surface devices do not come with Office; however, devices are pre-loaded with Office applications. Users need to purchase a license or subscribe to Office 365 to be able to use Office.

Things to try on your new Surface.

Microsoft Edge: Discover the browser that saves you time and helps you focus.

Devices work better together: When your phone and Surface are connected, you’ll have everything you need, everywhere you go.

You are the password: Unlock your devices safely and quickly by using Windows Hello face sign-in

Digital Inking: Write and Sketch with the feeling of pen on paper.

The Surface Pro is sold individually as a tablet. Surface Accessories like the Keyboard, Pen, Mouse etc. are sold separately.

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