Temi Robot

Temi Robot

The world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal robot for your home or business. Temi places you at the centre of your technology, including smart home devices, online content and video communications – harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. A fully open SDK platform allows you to program your own applications for your business, making Temi not just any other robot, but your very own unique one.
A premium designed, video-oriented, autonomous personal AI assistant robot. temi can recognise and follow when requested, save preset locations, and navigate flawlessly around your home and office while connecting you to your friends, family and favorite web services.
Choice of two colors – Black or Pure white.

Jacky’s Business Solutions, based in Dubai and operating across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, specializes in AI, Robotics, and Digital transformation. Customers can visit the Innovation lab located on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and try out various concepts that can be deployed at the workplace. Jacky’s have partnered with “Robot Temi”- a leading Manufacturer of the award-winning Robot “Temi” to market and distribute the robot across the Gulf countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain through a network of System integrators and authorized re-sellers. Temi boasts features like Tele calling/VOIP, strong navigation, built-in Alexa chatbot, and an open platform for custom applications in multiple languages. Jacky’s team ensures efficient support for customer requirements.

Area of use

Temi Robot can be applied in Hospitality applications such as fine dining, quick service, fast food and five-star properties and resorts.

With the easy-to-use SDK kits, Temi can be integrated easily with any Point of Sales application and hotel management application for a variety of used cases such as: 

• Front desk functions
• Guest Check-in/check out
• Lobby functions: Welcome, Concierge and Lead to room
• Hotel/Restaurant information
• Promotion & rewards
• Loyalty membership
• Conduct a survey
• Lead generation/customer feedback
• Wayfinding and patrolling.
• Menu/ordering/ POS integration
• Delivery of goods (up to 3kgs)

Temi robot can play an important role in Government sectors. Since the world is under the grip of the COVID 19 pandemic, government departments are fast-tracking their Digital transformation initiatives so that they can be more efficient at their workplace. With easy to use SDK kits, Temi robot can be integrated as one of the touchpoints providing customer service.
Some of the used cases can be as follows:

  • Information counter
  • COVID 19 awareness.
  • Self-service/information kiosk
  • Remote customer service
  • Video calling for work from home.
  • Conduct a survey
  • Lead generation/customer feedback
  • Way finding or navigation.
  • Time & Attendance with face recognition.
  • Temperature measurement
  • Real time patrolling
  • Personal assistance and more…

In many parts of the world Temi robots are extremely popular in the health care industry which includes hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. With the easy-to-use SDK kits, Temi can be integrated easily with the back-end ERP/ hospital management system. Some of the use cases in the health care industry are:

  • Book an appointment.
  • Hospital information.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • COVID 19 awareness
  • Telepresence between doctor/patient/family members.
  • Tele consulting.
  • Conduct a survey.
  • Lead generation/customer feedback
  • Wayfinding and escorting customers to preset locations.
  • Pickup and delivery of objects across the hospitals and many more….

As more and more youth are fascinated with the world of Robotics and Artificial intelligence, educational institutions in the Gulf countries have been more inclined towards setting up labs and innovation departments to help students achieve learning outcomes.   The development of STEM curriculums at Primary, Secondary and University levels in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, has only helped fuel the desire for robotics in education.

Temi is not only limited to use by  science or STEM students. Due to the ease of use and built in Temi and Alexa virtual assistants, this robot could be used in other disciplines such as Business, Engineering, Architecture, Arts and Humanities as well. Some of the used cases in the educational sector would be as follows:

  • Virtual attendance (telepresence) for students or teachers not able to attend the classes or e-learning environments.
  • Professional development courses using a virtual Robot.
  • Conducting language classes for non-native speakers to improve the proficiency of language.
  • Learning a new foreign language can be effective with specialized Apps running on Temi Robot
  • Children with special needs can use Temi as a teaching aid.
  • Temi can be used to navigate directions and Way finding, Patrolling through remote security etc.,
  • Temi can also provide all the information related to the institutions with an easy-to-use SDK kit which can be integrated with the back-end ERP systems. The possibilities are endless.

Temi robot can play an important role in Telecom sectors. As the telecom operators are finding innovative ways of developing the business, Temi can be one of the touchpoints at every home as it provides a variety of benefits to the home users. Temi is one of the connected devices every homeowner can dream off. With the help of built-in Alexa virtual assistant, you can get any information with a simple voice command. Secondly, due to the built-in video calling, family members and friends can always be in touch virtually from any parts of the world. This is an absolute necessity while caring for elderly and small kids. Temi can also use personal caddy and doing some useful service. The wireless charging also provides an easy way of charging the cell phone. There are lots of free to use Apps from the Temi app store as well.

Some of the used cases can be as follows:

  • Information counter
  • COVID 19 awareness.
  • Self-service/information kiosk
  • Remote customer service
  • Video calling for work from home.
  • Conduct a survey
  • Lead generation/customer feedback
  • Wayfinding or navigation.
  • Temperature measurement
  • Real-time patrolling
  • Personal assistance and more…

Temi Robot can be applied in retail stores, speciality stores, Gas stations, convenient stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets as one of the Omnichannel touchpoints in the customer journey. With easy to use SDK kits, Temi can be integrated easily with any Point of Sales application and the back-end ERP for fetching real-time store information such as:
• Product/Store information
• Product pricing
• Check store inventory
• In store marketing & Promotion
• Loyalty membership
• Conduct a survey
• Lead generation
• Way finding & Patrolling
• Point of Sale
• Product identification
• Kiosk functionality
• Virtual sales promotion
• Click and collect and many more…



Based on voice commands, you can talk to Temi robot and play your favorite video or music on YouTube, check weather, take a selfie, check on news headlines, order food online or even control smart home devices. There are numerous ways to use Temi and it is indeed a perfect companion!


With the help of easy-to-use SDK kits, developers can create and host a variety of Apps on the temi App store creating a huge databank of used case scenarios. Temi delivers infinite options for education, health care, entertainment and much more. Most of these Apps are available to be used in the Middle East also.


Temi center provides advanced capabilities such as controlling the Robot remotely and navigating the robot to saved location on the map. Temi can be programmed easily to perform certain tasks in sequence such as playing some video, music or speak proactively. Temi can detect humans and interact with the users. The Map configuration is another powerful feature where virtual walls can be created in the robot path. These can also perform Add/Editi/Save/Import and export the map configuration. As Temi has the VOIP calling function, contacts data can be generated along with face recognition.


Temi robot can be customized with your own unique brand names, logo, and color schemes so that it becomes part of your organization. The personality of each Temi robot can be created to match that of your company. The user interface can also be in Arabic and other languages where required.


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The Temi robot is an advanced and versatile robot designed to assist in various tasks. It is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, including voice recognition and natural language processing, enabling it to interact with humans and perform a wide range of functions.

In the government sector, the Temi robot serves as an innovative tool to enhance efficiency and improve services. It can be deployed in a variety of government departments, such as customer service centers, immigration offices, and public spaces, to assist visitors, residents and citizens with information, guidance, and basic tasks.

The Temi robot uses advanced AI technologies to communicate with humans. It can recognize and respond to voice commands, engage in natural language conversations, and display information on its screen. It can also connect to the internet to retrieve real-time data or provide access to government websites.

Yes, the Temi robot is designed with security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive information. It adheres to strict data privacy protocols and employs encryption methods when communicating and storing data. The robot is programmed to prioritize user privacy and confidentiality.

Yes, Temi Robot can be programmed to support multiple languages. This ensures effective communication and assistance for guests from different countries.

Temi Robot is an AI-powered, autonomous mobile robot designed to assist in various tasks. In the hospitality industry, Temi Robot can be utilized to greet guests, provide information about the hotel or local attractions, deliver items to guest rooms, and offer guests personalized assistance during their stay.

Temi robot can speak in both male and female voice. Temi robot users can change the voice to their liking. Super intuitive operating system that comes can hear, speak, see and understand you, and is always learning how to serve you better. Temi is also multilingual.

Temi robot is built with high quality sensors, multiple cameras with array of AI technologies for superior mobility and stability so the robot can autonomously navigate on flat surfaces avoiding obstacles. The robot also can be integrated with smart elevators to be used in multiple levels through IOT technologies. However, it must be noted that robot cannot use the staircase or climb steep ramps. Temi robot is safe to be used in offices and at homes.

Temi has the video calling capabilities in the robot. Temi cannot record any phone calls.

In the healthcare sector, the Temi robot can be used for tasks such as patient assistance, delivering medication, providing information, and remote monitoring.

Temi Robot can serve multiple purposes in educational institutions. It can act as a virtual assistant, guide students and visitors, provide information about the institution, answer questions, and offer educational content. It can also facilitate remote learning by connecting students and teachers in different locations.

Temi Robot offers numerous features, including voice recognition, facial recognition, object detection, and navigation capabilities. It has a built-in touchscreen display, high-quality speakers, and a microphone for seamless communication. It can also integrate with various educational software and platforms

Temi Robot typically requires minimal support and maintenance. Regular software updates are provided to enhance performance and security. Technical assistance and troubleshooting are available from the manufacturer or authorized service providers. The educational institution may also designate staff members to handle basic maintenance tasks.

Yes, the Temi robot is programmed with a wide range of telecom-related knowledge. It can answer questions about different mobile plans, explain features and benefits of various devices, and aid with setting up new connections or resolving network-related problems.

The Temi robot enhances the retail experience in the UAE by offering personalized and efficient assistance to customers. It can provide instant access to information, reducing the need to search for staff or wait in queues. The robot’s ability to speak multiple languages, including Arabic and English, caters to the diverse population in the UAE, ensuring effective communication with customers. Overall, it offers a unique and innovative shopping experience.

The Temi robot is designed to complement human employees rather than replace them. While it can handle certain tasks independently, such as providing information and guiding customers, it cannot replace the human touch and expertise. Human employees are essential for more complex customer interactions, addressing specific needs, and delivering personalized service.

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