Samsung retail stores integrate Temi with QMS system

Samsung’s Dubai Mall outlet is using Temi Robot as an Assistant and Ticketing Manager. It greets every customer and helps them to get the right queueing ticket for services like consultation, accessories, sales, unit collection, software update, and many more. Temi also acts like as a co-worker, helping to promote Samsung products & services, leaving the Samsung staff to do more productive work rather than guiding customers.

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the region and are always proactive in adopting the new technologies. They were facing a high volume of visitors in their outlets in Dubai.  This was the opportunity to introduce Temi Robot and help them to automate the process of visitor engagement and queue management.

Temi promotes the Samsung services, playing promotional videos and related material. As soon as any customer reaches Temi, it greets them with welcome messages, supporting both English- & Arabic-speaking customers. Temi has the capability to listen to the customers so a user can either say something or choose an option from its screen. It's user friendly and automated to work on its own.

Temi can be a useful for other leading brands and retail shops too. At Jackys Business Solutions, we are happy to introduce our creative solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

Temi has huge scope for the assistance in hundreds of practical use-cases that different brands can use to revolutionize their current work flows. It's a perfect match for the retail stores, restaurants, corporate businesses, entertainment, and customer care.



What is Temi robot?

Temi the personal assistance robot is a high quality, affordable, smart, mobile robot built by a talented team of engineers for the business & home applications. Temi places you at the center of your technology, including smart home devices, online content and video communications, harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. Featuring state of the art AI, and a system of sensors and cameras, Temi seamlessly improves your life, perfectly navigating in the most dynamic environment imaginable. Temi offers an unparalleled robot experience and is extremely user friendly.

What can temi robot do?

Temi lets you consume your technology: heads-up and hands-free. It lets you experience moving video calls, controls all your smart home devices, enjoy music and videos from any room in the house and is the ultimate AI assistant.

Temi is an open platform for apps that interact with you including interactive games, educational apps that make learning fun, medical apps and more. When away, Temi enables you to connect from your smartphone and physically be inside your home – to spend time with your family, or check that everything is safe. The team behind the robot is committed to a future that empowers and enhances human abilities, enriches human experiences and delivers intuitive, reliable and fun products that are usable by all.

How much does temi robot cost?

The normal price to customers in the Middle East through Jacky’s Business Solutions is USD 6,000.00 per unit. However prices can vary based from project to project based on purchase volume, software developments, integration or other requests from the customer.


Samsung retail stores integrate Temi with QMS system

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