Expo Al Dhaid takes delivery of bespoke display screens from Jackys Business Solutions

Expo Centre Al Dhaid, the sister concern of Expo Centre Sharjah, the exhibition arm of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, has taken delivery of two double-sided LED screens for their venue in Al Dhaid.

Based on specific requirements of Expo Al Dhaid, Jacky’s Business Solutions, created prefabricated signs designed to these specifications. In addition Jacky’s completed the project with installation and linking the signs to their content management systems so that the company could manage the signs.

Expo Centre at Al Dhaid took delivery of two such double sided, LED outdoor screens of 1.5 x 4 meters each. The signs will be used for several events planned at the venue.

If you would like to explore bespoke display options for your organisation, please connect with us on vms.sales@jackys.com to set up a consultation.



What is a digital signage?

A digital signage is a system that consists of many components of hardware and software, that deliver digital contents such as images, videos, texts, scrolling messages, animations and live data on the digital screens displaying advertisement, news, wayfinding, outdoor advertising and information of all kinds. Digital signage solution can be designed according to its application and can been seen all around us: on the road, at malls, restaurants, airports, government offices and many other places

What is digital signage display?

Digital signage displays, screens or monitors are a vital part of any digital signage system installed in public, commercial, and corporate settings. Digital signage display can be LCD, LED or Projection. These displays can be free standing, wall mounted, in-door displays, out-door LED displays and etc. The contents on these display are backed by media players that received design templates from centralized Content Management System (CMS) hosted in Digital Signage Server.

Expo Al Dhaid takes delivery of bespoke display screens from Jackys Business Solutions

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