BellaBot is a food delivery robot, designed by Pudu , preserves the exceptional traits of its predecessor and enhances human-robot interaction. With an innovative bionic design, adorable modeling, multi-modal interaction, and various new features, BellaBot offers users an unparalleled food delivery robot experience

Jacky’s Business Solutions, based in Dubai and operating across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, leads in AI, Robotics, and Digital transformation. The Innovation lab on Sheikh Zayed Road allows customers to explore and test innovative concepts. With a focus on Robotics, our Bellabot Food Delivery Robot enhances dining experiences by autonomously delivering hot, fresh food, allowing restaurant staff to prioritize customer service. The robot operates 24×7 with replaceable batteries and precise navigation, exemplifying efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the ever-evolving field of Robotics.

Area of use

  • Delivery food from the Kitchen to the tables.
  • Table to table delivery of tableware, towels and serving dishes etc.,
  •  Provides pre-meal snacks, drinks, and other welcome services in the waiting area.
  • Intelligent voice announcements to attract customers.
  • Arrival notification through voice reminder ensures precise delivery.
  • Collection of used dishes from the table and send them to washing area.



Our food delivery robot is suitable for use in restaurants/shopping malls/cafes/hotels/government offices/corporate offices/hospitals/schools and other fields. In times like Covid-19, food safety and hygiene are particularly important aspects to prevent disease transmission. By utilizing these robots, we can reduce human-to-human contact and ensure the safety of our customers and visitors.
If you require further information or wanting to have a demo or quote, please get in touch with our sales team or call us on +97143388900


Furthermore, with the emphasis on limiting touch points and maintaining hygiene standards, robots that deliver food directly to the table will minimize human contact. This is especially important for quick service restaurants (QSRs). QSR is always busy during busy lunch hours and may use temporary staff. Maintenance is relatively easy, and the robot can run for 24 hours after 4 hours of charging. BELLABOT comes with a replaceable battery so it can run 24/7.


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BellaBot perfom operational task at German expert car
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BellaBot at service


BellaBot is an attractive cat shaped food delivery robot developed by PUDU Robotics for Restaurants, food courts and many other applications. It comes with 4 trays and a carrying capacity of 40kgs. BellaBot can navigate itself to any pre-set location autonomously avoiding all the obstacles and efficiently making deliveries of food.

BellaBot must be initially mapped to a restaurant layout. This can typically take around 1-2 hours on an average for the setup. Once the setup is done the user can be trained in less than 10 minutes to operate the robot.

The robot will require a minimum of 85cm width clearance without obstacles so that it can navigate quickly to a predefined table. The operator must select the tray number (total 4 trays) and designated table number on the Robot and press the “start button” for the operation. The delivery is autonomous and multiple table deliveries are also possible. Once the robot reaches a designated table a blue colour light indicator will start flashing with voice command to collect the food from the robot tray. Once the food is collected the robot would return to the home base for the next delivery and the process will continue for other customers.

One food delivery robot is as productive as 1.5 – 2 human waiters and depending on labour cost savings, the estimated return on investment can vary between 9 – 15 months. PUDU BellaBot is available on capex, opex and rental options. Depending on the customization, installation and support the prices can vary. Kindly reach out to our sales team on who will be able to provide you the cost estimate depending on your requirement.

BellaBot is mainly used in restaurants and food courts for food delivery. However, it must be noted that Bellabot is also popular in hospitals, corporate offices, and supermarkets as an indoor courier to ferry essential items throughout the day.

Pudu is the leading manufacturer of service robots such as PuduBot, BellaBot, KettyBot, HollaBot, FlashBot and Puductor2. These service robots are mainly used for food delivery, dish collection, customer interaction, disinfection etc., These products are distributed by Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and partners across the Middle East region.

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