Jacky’s Business Solutions expands its robot line up with two new hospitality robots

Jacky’s Business Solutions has added two hospitality bots from Pudu Robotics to its line-up: the PuduBot and BellaBot food delivery robot for hospitality business. These two new robots support employees by taking on repetitive work so that they can focus on providing better service to their customers. These food delivery robot for restaurants can play a key role in working autonomously 24×7, thanks to replaceable batteries and its accurate navigation system.

Both these robots use cutting edge technologies such as PUDU SLAM which is an algorithm that integrates the sensors such as laser radar and depth camera, handling complex and demanding environments and can operate autonomously. These delivery robots are efficient as it can hold large capacity, moves fast and readily useable. Moreover, it has a safety system built in which will ensure hassle free delivery without spills and bumping into restaurant guests. Servicing is relatively easy, and the robot can work 24 hours with 4 hours of charging (PuduBot), whereas BellaBot comes with swappable batteries making it work 24×7.

Both robots help to minimize human contact when delivering food directly to tables, helping restaurants to limit human contact points, thus maintaining hygiene standards. This is especially important for quick service restaurants (QSR’s) where there is always a surge during the busy lunch period and temporary staff may need to be deployed at times.

The hospitality sector in the UAE and Gulf has grown exponentially over the years and with the onset of Covid, the emphasis on food safety has only increased.  The robots from Pudu Robotics help reduce the contact points as the food can go straight from the kitchen to the table.

Manoj Ganapathy, Divisional Manager for Visitor Management Solutions (VMS) at Jacky’s Business Solutions, added, “Both robots are supported by Jacky’s team of technical presales and sales team to ensure that customer requirements are met with a high degree of efficiency. Robotics technology is ever evolving and getting smarter, efficient, and cost effective. In the recent past, we have noticed that robots are being successfully deployed in various industries as a “co-worker” or “cobot”, saving operational costs and improving productivity.”

If you want to talk to the team about these robots or schedule a demo, drop us an email on vms.sales@jackys.com for more detailed and personalised discussions.

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