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Kuiq Meeting

KuiqMeeting is a smart and modern meeting workflow system that effectively manages and plans meetings by a user friendly and smart integrated technology, enables organization to use the spaces and resources in a better way.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC, UAE have partnered with a leading solution provider Aiotron for the state of the art “Meeting room booking systems”. Our system helps in organizing and streamline scheduling for meeting participants and booking physical spaces. It simplifies the reservation of conference rooms, meeting rooms, shared workplaces, and other resources within any office.

Area of use

KuiqMeeting is a versatile solution suitable for various industries and sectors where effective meeting room and desk booking, as well as workspace management, is essential. Industries that can benefit from KuiqMeeting include:

Streamline meeting room bookings, desk utilization, and enhance overall workplace efficiency.

Manage multiple meeting spaces, streamline bookings, and improve visitor experience.

Optimize conference room bookings, improve event coordination, and enhance guest services.

Facilitate flexible desk booking, track workspace usage, and provide a user-friendly experience for members.

Schedule classrooms, meeting rooms, and streamline administrative processes.

Coordinate meeting spaces, enhance visitor management, and improve communication within healthcare organizations.

Streamline meeting room utilization, improve coordination, and enhance administrative efficiency.

Optimize event planning, manage meeting spaces, and enhance overall attendee experience.

Improve workspace utilization, streamline team meetings, and enhance collaboration.

Coordinate meetings, enhance security with access control, and streamline administrative processes.

Optimize meeting room bookings and improve coordination in production planning.

Streamline internal meetings and improve coordination within retail environments.


kuiqmeeting delivers complete meeting room and desk booking workflow for enterprises.

KuiqMeeting as room scheduling system, consolidates all the features required by an organization in a single platform to effectively plan meetings. The solution keeps an office organized and on track with its bundled features as:

  • Display company’s conference and meeting rooms along with scheduled meeting times and details.
  • Allow users to book meeting rooms, edit event details and invite attendees.
  • Enables administrators to modify meeting information and further approvals
  • Embedded with Outlook to sync with organizer and attendee calendar
  • Provide productivity insights tracking how often and for how long spaces equipment are used.

Key functionalities include

KuiqMeeting is the best booking and management system with native functionality such as visitor management software, venue management software, digital signage software, and calendar software to offer complete coverage of all the facets of booking physical spaces. More built-in features are Access Control, F&B ordering and Room Signage.

  • The room signage tablet is industrial grade and features POE, LED status indicator lights and has option for built in RFID reader.
  • Meeting attendance can be captured via the inbuilt RFID reader – gain insights.

If it is a room that needs further approval from the admin, the admin dashboard always displays all the requests from various users for easy tracking and approvals.

  • KuiqMeeting also has the option of ePaper display for meeting room signage which is cable free, battery operated and low power consumption.The KuiqView module installed on a large screen at the reception/lobby displays all the information in a single instance to the meeting attendees such as meeting status, the location and floor plan for easy navigation.
  • KuiqMeeting add-in for outlook is a purpose-built application embedded in MS Outlook enables the users to book meeting rooms with flexible and seamless connection. There is no need to install any application in the mobile device, just launch corporate Outlook, search and book the room that meets your criteria.
  • KuiqMeeting ePaper Electronic Name Label System for meeting, boardroom and seminar delegates is futuristic and eco-friendly electronic name sign system. The system provides the option to design the meeting delegate details with company name and logo and publish on the e-paper display device. Battery operated, no cabling, so easy to place them in front of the delegates. Easy to correct mistakes.


Since these name sign labels are dual sided, the organisers can now publish the room specific agenda, WiFi password etc.  on the side facing the delegate.

  • Desk Booking System, The simple, user friendly and cost-effective solution for coworking, flexi and hot desking. The Desk Booking device is with built-in occupancy sensor, NFC/HID reader and peripheral LED lights optimizes the workplace efficiency.

Users can search based on a given criteria and find desks, colleagues to schedule their facility utilization.

Operations teams can use the great analytics tool to stay on top how the facilities are used, forecast demand and provide better user experience.

ePaper signage is easy to be deployed easily anywhere and, on any surface, the installation of the ePaper devices is cable free and powered by long lasting battery.


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Yes, Kuiq Meeting is designed with security in mind. The platform uses encryption and other security measures to ensure the safety of user data.

Kuiq Meeting allows users to cancel or modify bookings as needed. The platform also sends notifications to affected users when changes are made to bookings.

Yes, Kuiq Meeting can generate reports on meeting room usage, which can help healthcare facilities optimize their use of meeting rooms.

Yes, Kuiq Meeting can be customized to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities in the UAE. The platform can be configured to match existing workflows and processes.

Yes, Kuiq Meeting is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The platform features a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training.

Kuiq Meeting works by providing an easy-to-use platform for healthcare staff to book and manage meeting rooms. Users can check availability, book rooms, and manage their bookings through the platform, which integrates with existing healthcare systems.

Kuiq Meeting provides customer support to users, including technical support and training. Users can access support through the application’s support center, email, or phone. The Kuiq Meeting team is also available to provide customized training to help users get the most out of the application.

Kuiq Meeting is a meeting room solution that streamlines the process of booking and managing meeting rooms. It is designed to simplify the process of scheduling and booking meeting rooms for the government sector.

Kuiq Meeting system provides an easy-to-use, efficient, and streamlined system for managing meetings and events. Increased revenue through the offering of meeting and event space, improved guest experience, streamlined management of meetings and events, and better resource allocation are some of the main benefits of the system.

In the education sector, Kuiq Meeting is a meeting room booking solution designed to allows teachers, staff, and students to easily book meeting rooms, classrooms, and other spaces within educational institutions.

Kuiq Meeting can be used to book a variety of meeting spaces, including classrooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, and more. The platform is flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each educational institution.

The cost of Kuiq Meeting varies depending on the size and needs of each educational institution.

Interested parties can contact Jacky’s Business Solutions team on vms.sales@www.jackys.com or call +971 4 3388900 directly for pricing information.

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