Lulu Hypermarket explores Bellabot and Kettybot food delivery robots in their newest hypermarket in Sharjah

Jacky’s Business Solutions partnered with bluarrows to install Pudu Robotics’ Bellabot and Kettybot robots powered by Purplegrids AI at the latest hypermarket store launched last month by Lulu Group International in Bu Tina in Sharjah. This first of its kind innovative solution will deliver “ready to eat” food inside the store. Lulu now has 18 hypermarkets in Sharjah and 232 overall.

Manoj Ganpathy, Division Manager at Jacky's Business Solutions for Visitors Management & Robotics Division, said, “We thank Lulu Group Management, Nandakumar and his team for trusting our capabilities and providing us with the opportunity to work on this initiative. The solution is expected to be scaled up in Lulu Malls in the future.”

Jackys teams at both Jackys Organics and its Robotics division worked closely with Bluarrows for arranging creative support and partnerships. Bluarrows was already working on AI-enabled customer data platform for Lulu Group International and other clients in UAE.

Rajesh Menon, Director at Bluarrows said, “We suggested to connect AI with robots as one of the customer touchpoints. This gives a life to robots as it is powered by NLP enabled AI Robotic Purplecloud Platform on IBM Watson. We had a thorough briefing on the robots and its usage by Manoj and his team. It was then we decided that Bellabot is a right solution for food delivery at restaurants and food courts.

The teams of Jackys and Bluarrows worked with AI partners, Purplegrids from US, to create a solution for restaurant management and customer engagement using AI. The Robotic AI Cloud Platform was used to deploy at Lulu’s  Bu Tina Food Cafe. Customers had to order at the counter and once seated at any of the table, he or she scanned the QR code and enter the receipt number. The AI cloud understands the table of the customer and sends the notification to the kitchen and the Bellabot is assigned to deliver to the respective customer to his table location.

Ganpathy added, “We are looking to fully explore the capabilities of our AI based technology in providing the latest in food delivery, dish collection experience where multi-branded food outlets can fully use the tech and deploy Jacky’s Autonomous robots enabling a new kind of customer experience while reducing face2face interaction while optimizing the operations and turnaround rate of customers.”

The team is planning to automate the Silicon Central Food Court (located at Dubai Silicon Oasis) where customer can be seated at any table, scan the QR code and order food, pay, and have the food delivered by either the Bellabot or Kettybot robot.

Menon added, “Kettybot is preferred as a marketing bot for its capabilities of video ad displays, aisle agnostic ads deployment, campaign management and much more using the Purplecloud AI Platform.”

If you want to explore what service robots can do for your business, schedule a demo or a POC with Jacky’s VMS team by emailing


What is BellaBot?

BellaBot is an attractive cat shaped food delivery robot developed by PUDU Robotics for Restaurants & food courts. It comes with 4 trays and a carrying capacity of 40kgs. BellaBot can navigate by itself to any preset location autonomously avoiding all the obstacles and efficiently making deliveries of food. BellaBot can also be deployed in Hospitals, corporate offices, and retail outlets as an indoor courier to ferry essential items throughout the day.

What does the BellaBot do?

BellaBot Food delivery robot can be an integral part of any Restaurants as it can assist as a food runner while the waiters can focus on the customers and improve the quality of service. BellaBot ensures food, dishes, napkins, documents, and other items are delivered efficiently reducing the workload of the waiters. Another advantage is the voice, that calls the table number, and its exact arrival to the destination. When it arrives, it prompts customers to remove their food by flashing the lights on the tray. Contactless delivery by Robot also helps in reducing the risk of infection.

It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the Robot and Bellabot can work for 12 hours. with a replaceable battery the robot can function 24×7. As a result of Robot deployment, the business owners can cut down on their running costs while improving customer service efficiency. This will also drive more sales and increased restaurant traffic.

How do delivery robots work?

Bellabot must be initially mapped to the restaurant layout. This can take typically around 1-2 hours on an average for the setup. Once the set up is done the user can be trained in less than 10 minutes on the operations of the robot.

The robot will require a minimum of 85 Cms width clearance without obstacles so that it can navigate quickly to a predefined table. The operator must select the tray number (total 4 trays) and designated table number on the Robot and press the “start button” for the operation. The delivery is autonomous and multiple table deliveries are also possible.

The Robot uses multiple functions such as Greeting Mode, Cruise Mode, Dish-return Mode, Delivery Mode, Birthday Mode, and Direct Mode.

The user interface is very simple and easy to operate. The robot also comes with a “Smooth mode” which can be applied when serving liquid items such as Soups, coffee, tea and juices.

Lulu Hypermarket explores Bellabot and Kettybot food delivery robots in their newest hypermarket in Sharjah

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