Pepper deployed as a sales assistant serving gelato in Abu Dhabi

In the current times when social distancing and contactless service have become the new normal, Pepper has joined hands with Eka and Tony robots at Abu Dhabi’s first gelato bar entirely staffed by robots. QUOKKA, a local UAE-based company that is devoted to serving the best quality of gelato with a unique twist of robotic technology, has partnered with NISKA Retail Robotics, an Australian-born tech start-up pioneering the emerging trends of robotization of retail, to open this ice cream store in the United Arab Emirates. The store is present inside the premises of Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, and operates every day during the working hours of 9 AM till 10:30 PM.

Jacky’s Business Solutions is one of the pioneering leaders in the innovation and marketing of humanoid robots for Softbank Robotics for the GCC. As the master distributor, Jacky’s team worked along with NISKA’s technical team to integrate their solution with Pepper. Initially owning Luka chocolates and after discovering fewer growth prospects, NISKA decided to go for a technological approach wherein operations could be consistent worldwide. Their main aim was to revolutionize the retail market through a fully integrated system that utilizes cutting-edge robotic technology.

Pepper has been deployed as a sales assistant at the store to proceed with the orders from the Robotics ice cream vending machine. He greets the customers and assists them with suggestions on gelato flavours and instructs them on placing orders. He also engages the customers by playing or dancing with them or taking a selfie. Additionally, he suggests customers follow the shop’s Instagram.

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What does Pepper robot do?

Pepper is a friendly, cute, humanoid robot designed and built by SoftBank Robotics team to serve people and bring happiness and joy. Pepper robot can recognize faces (male or female), approximate age group, emotions (happy or sad) and proactively hold conversations with the human by speech or the touch screen creating an unique experience.

What jobs can Pepper robot do?

For the business users there are a variety of use cases for pepper robots such as hospitals, retail, hospitality, corporate, public-sector companies, and can be a great companion at old age homes. Pepper robot can be programmed easily with a content management software application or can build custom application to integrate with customer ecosystem so that the robot can serve customers as one of the digital touch points providing real time data and information to the users. Pepper comes with its own chatbot and can also integrate with AI engines such as IBM Watson.

Pepper the humanoid robot can also be used in educational institutes for students to learn coding in python language, assist as teaching assistant or help children with special needs or people of determination.

What are the advantages of Pepper robot?

Pepper robot can be a great ambassador to its owners. As the robot is very attractive, it can create an instant bond with customers as the communication is proactive in nature. Pepper can deliver key messages and interact with customers tirelessly with the same level of enthusiasm throughout the day which is unlikely with a human. It can bridge the gap in communication and elevating the customer service experience to a next level.

Pepper deployed as a sales assistant serving gelato in Abu Dhabi

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