Cafes and restaurants employ Service robots, Bellabot and KettyBot – around the UAE

Last month we shared the story about how Noodle House and Kiza Dubai have been trialling various robots to improve their service efficiencies. Kiza Dubai is now employing the Bellabot it was testing as a full time employee to help the waiting teams deliver the food to the tables at their restaurant. According to their social media comments, they have named the bot “Move-Fasa” and she assists the waiters.

In addition, two cafes – one in Abu Dhabi and one in Ras al Khaimah – have added Kettybot to their staff.

Treat Yourself Café in Abu Dhabi are using the KettyBot to enhance their customer service by providing a new experience of dining in by delivering the food to the diners using the service robot. According to the owners, “Adding Kettybot makes our café unique and the footfall has increased automatically as well as got us noticed on social media like Instagram, Facebook and others”. In addition to delivering to dine-in customers, Treat Yourself Café is using Kettybot to entertain as a birthday host as well as use as an indoor signage for key messages and information.

Based in Ras Al Khaimah’s Corniche Road, Gusto Restaurant is using the new Kettybot addition to create a new touchpoint for its customers. In addition to food delivery for dine-in customers, Kettybot enables the restaurant to share information around new additions to the menu, and other key messages like special birthday wishes or other special offers.

Both robots are from Pudu Robotics and come with delivery trays, docks as well as display options that offer restaurants not just service options but also options for display and promotions.

Jackys Business Solutions’ VMS division offered its their service robots (Kettybot, Bellabot or Pudubot) for a week’s trial for free to suitable restaurants to try them before buying.

Please reach out to Jacky’s VMS team on if you need to see a physical demo or quote or to set up a consultation.


Cafes and restaurants employ Service robots, Bellabot and KettyBot – around the UAE

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