Jacky’s Business Solutions collaborates with Artiligent to deploy AI enabled solutions for schools

Jacky’s Business Solutions is collaborating with Artiligent to deploy AI enabled robotic solutions for the education sector across the GCC. Artiligent has, till date, deployed these solutions at Global Indian International School, Dubai, and One World International School, Riyadh.

Artiligent’s robotic education solution keeps engagement and education at the forefront. The robots engage with the parents and visitors through its AI speech assistant, responding to any queries, take them on an autonomous guided tours of the campus, thus providing an immersive experience. The solution also enables a physical presence for school mentors, educators, subject matter experts and faculty members from remote locations. Home bound students can now get a similar experience, as if they were in class, even when they are physically not present.

Robotics provides a microcosm of technologies that supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education. These schools can introduce STEM robotics in classrooms with the support of an indigenously designed easy to use platform, built by Artiligent. The platform offers students a means to execute their programming skills onto a robot, allowing them to fully understand the synergies between both hardware and software.

Santosh Joshi, Director Solutions, Artiligent said, “Robotic education allows the introduction of technical knowledge in a simple and fun way, achieving a true transformation. Assistive technology is growing, and the ability it provides to special education students are limitless.  Everyday lessons can be taught at a comfortable pace, including subjects ranging from basic self-care to stay-safe techniques in emergency situations.”

Artiligent also offers robotic solutions which are being used in other sectors like airports, manufacturing industries, healthcare, experience centres and corporate offices. The agility and scalability of the solutions help in shorter deployment cycles assisting clients with quicker go to market strategies.

If you want to explore these solutions for your organisation, reach out to our team on vms.sales@jackys.com to set up a meeting.

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