Al Rostamani introduces Temi as a team member at its Suzuki Showroom in Deira

In the era of digital transformation, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their customer experience. One such innovation that is making waves in the retail industry is the Temi robot. Recently, Al Rostamani successfully introduced Temi V3 Robot with a bespoke Purplegrid application at the Suzuki Showroom in Deira, UAE, to interact with customers and provide a unique shopping experience.

The Temi V3 Robot is an autonomous, AI-powered robot that can interact with customers, answer queries, and provide assistance in multiple languages. It is equipped with a touch screen display and can navigate through the showroom to help customers locate the car models they are interested in. The Purplegrid app is a cloud-based application installed in Temi that allows customers to book a test drive, participate in surveys, and directly communicate with customer service agents through video calls.

The installation of the Temi Robot at the Suzuki Showroom has revolutionized the way customers interact with the brand. It has made the showroom experience more engaging and interactive, helping customers make informed decisions about their car purchases. Customers can now interact with the robot to learn about the car models available and book a test drive without having to wait for a sales representative.

The success of the Temi Robot deployment at the Suzuki Showroom in Deira has prompted Al Rostamani management to plan for additional deployments at their other showrooms across UAE. The company understands the value of providing a unique and seamless shopping experience to their customers, and the Temi Robot with Purplegrid application is proving to be an excellent solution to achieve this.

The installation of the Temi V3 Robot with the Purplegrid application at the Suzuki Showroom in Deira is a clear indication of how businesses are embracing technology to enhance their customer experience. With the success of this deployment, we can expect to see more businesses across different industries adopting robots in new roles for their business.

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