Jacky’s Business Solutions collaborates with Artiligent to explore AI solutions for airports

Jacky’s Business Solutions is collaborating with Artiligent to explore AI solutions for its range of robots to address some of the key customer-facing pain points of airports. This follows the recent success that Artiligent had with its deployment of their AI_port software solution on Temi at Bengaluru and Coimbatore airports in India.

Earlier this year, Kempegowda International Airport, (Bengaluru Airport) introduced the first-of-its-kind AI-driven, robot assistants to enhance the passenger experience at its airport. These robots, powered by the customized software from Artiligent, have been deployed to help guide passengers through the airport and answer queries. The robotic software also enables passengers to instantly connect to the Airport Terminal team, for very specific assistance, through a video call. The robots and the software is being further developed in terms of functionality and features based on the customer feedback. The default language of communication is in English, with additional regional and international languages expected soon.

The airport solution is easily deployed and upgradable. Working within a niche area, Sachin Arondekar, Director for Strategic Alliances at Artiligent, draws on his experience within the aviation sector to address some of the key pain areas of airport operations. The robots create high visibility for travellers and help airports replace kiosks, make it more interactive and having help available and accessible at the ground level.

He added, “We worked closely with the airport, Civil Aviation ministries and the airport authorities in India to explore and understand what their pain points are and what we can do to alleviate these. This experience in creating the documentation to get security and other clearances will help us to explore airports in the Middle East (and indeed the rest of the world) to roll out these solutions elsewhere.”

These robots are mobile, interactive, ‘May I Help You’ kiosks for airports, taking care of mundane tasks like information around the airport processes, retail, related passenger queries and much more. “This means that at current times when human resources are at a premium, these robots can complement existing teams and resources and enable them to focus on Customer Service,” added Sachin.

The deployment of the solution in Bengaluru was quickly followed by one in Coimbatore airport and Artiligent will be enabling a few more airports very soon.

Artiligent is an international high-tech enterprise innovating interactions and connecting the virtual world with the real world. Powered by a niche technology, Artiligent has developed solutions for robots that are used in sectors like retail, education, manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, corporate offices and homes.

Currently, Artiligent and Jacky’s are working on several projects in the education, digital banking and healthcare sectors.

"We are already committed to Jacky’s through our previous business relations and discussions,” said Sachin. “Artiligent would certainly like to be the software solutions arm for solutions in airports, lounges, education, banking, healthcare, industries and corporates."

If you want to explore AI and robotic solutions for your organisation, reach out to our team on vms.sales@jackys.com to set up a meeting.


Are robots used in airports?

Robots can be used extensively at the airports to serve the travelling customers at various stages instead of any kiosk or information desk. Robots like Temi can be deployed easily as it has superior navigation skills to guide and escort the customers to any selected locations. In addition, the video calling capabilities in a Temi robot can help passengers to connect to a remote call centre agent to respond to any customized enquires. As the robot can be easily programmed, custom applications can be developed with user interface reflecting various services offered at the airports. As the robot comes with 5G connectivity plus its onboard wifi, the robot can be used efficiently without any interruption. External devices such as barcode scanners, passport readers, smart card readers & finger print readers can be connected for any custom development. The robot could also be used to take feedback on the services for continuous improvement of the airport on ground services.

Which robot can assist people at the airport?

Temi and Pepper robot are the best choice when it comes to robot deployment at the airports. Both the robots can be integrated with each other for different roles around the airport. Pepper is a friendly humanoid robot which can get into proactive engagements with passengers. Pepper robot is multilingual as it supports up to 16 international languages and can be operated via speech on by touch. Temi, on the other hand, can be a great assistant for wayfinding and virtual assistance applications.

Which airport uses robots to greet the passengers?

Multiple Temi robots are currently deployed in Kempegowda International airport in Bengaluru, India. With the success of these robots, we could see more implementations happening soon at different airports across India and the globe.

Jacky’s Business Solutions collaborates with Artiligent to explore AI solutions for airports

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