Earth One Technology qualifies as Softbank software solutions partner

Earth One Technology, a customer-focused system integration and innovative solution provider, has successfully undertaken and passed the SoftBank Robotics certification course that now allows it to deliver and develop applications based for the humanoid robot,  Pepper.

Primarily focus on computer vision solution, AI, robotics and drones, Earth One were looking for a robot that would allow them to develop solutions that were focused on several key areas including fulfilment centres, education, retail, hospitality and aviation.

According to Mohammed Zaheer, Director at Earth One Technology, “Pepper fulfilled a lot of the requirements we had including the ability to not only be customised but also that it had the ability to understand different accents etc and had natural language programming possibilities.”

As part of the certification course and its graduation process (that took place over 45 days), the team from Earth One developed details retail application that would allow retail stores to not only add the “wow” factor to their stores but offer its customers a real value in terms of allowing it to do simple responses to verbal questions like product or service related questions.

Four members of the Earth One team trained with Softbank Robotics through Jacky’s Business Solutions on a two-day course, that familiarised them with the back end and front end of the robot including leveraging cloud-based resources that would enable regular updates and customisation. The team subsequently submitted the special retail application that was evaluated by the Softbank technical team in terms of precision, quality of delivery and accuracy of the application before being awarded the certificate.

Zaheer was very enthusiastic about accessing extensive online content and tools to help not only fine-tune its retail application but enabled them to develop further applications that would allow retailers to gain ROI from owning a robot within a year.

“We want to incentivise the retailers that there is a value ad to demonstrate because the robot could achieve ROI in less than one year for the retailer, going beyond the wow factor to create an income generation with their partners,” added Zaheer.

Earth One are currently developing applications for the hospitality sector focusing on concierge solutions as well as the aviation sector.

For more information or a demonstration on some of these retail applications, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team on

Earth One Technology Qualifies As Softbank Software Solutions Partner

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