Al Qesmah customises packaging design with Engview

Al Qesmah Packaging, one of UAE’s oldest and most technically advanced carton manufacturers, has switched to Engview to create and customise packages for their customers. In business since 1996, Al Qesmah is a full-fledged packaging company providing packaging solutions that maximizes the output of its customers’ diverse range of products.

Al Qesmah is using its new Engview software to quickly design packages using the software’s existing parametric designs from its packaging library, visualize the concept through 3D presenter/HTML animation and prepare nesting layouts for production.

Benson Mathews, Product Manager at Cutting Edge Solutions, said, “Al Qesmah wanted to provide its customers with customised packages.  With Engview, they can now not only create custom designs but they can share these with the customer with animation that will give them the option to view and make changes or give their approval before the package is actually printed because the customer can visualise before going to print.”

As a member of the Packaging Federation, Al Qesmah Packaging aims to become one of the best manufacturers of cartons within the fast moving consumables market.

If you are looking for a customised solution for your packaging business, , please drop us a line on to find out how we can help you.


Al Qesmah Customises Packaging Design With Engview

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