Jacky’s Business Solutions team undergoes “Whiz” training

Maxim Hasse from SoftBank Robotics’ Whiz team was in the UAE in May 2021 to meet the team at Jacky’s in person and do a complete introduction of product and technology to help the sales, presales and technical team provide its customers and partners the first level of support and service. During a time when cleaning and hygiene have become front and centre, the role of robots in automating this process was demonstrated.

Jacky’s Business Solutions only recently added “Whiz”, the collaborative vacuum robot from Softbank Robotics to its portfolio.

The training session also included an introduction to the product and the technology inside Whiz. Information around operating the machine including training around mapping that is crucial for Jacky’s engineers during deployment and usage by its customers.

For more information or a demonstration on Whiz, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team on vms.sales@jackys.com

Jacky’s Business Solutions Team Undergoes “Whiz” Training

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