The evolution of what we sell

As the realisation dawns on all of us that we’re in the second year of Covid, habits have certainly changed somewhat again. We’re now moving into a phase where demand will need to be generated by creating a consumer want.

After my last column on, I started to think about the different aspects of business in the technology trade and how they’ve evolved, whether knowingly or unknowingly, planned or unplanned.

If there’s one thing that’s happened during Covid-19, it has been the change in consumption patterns. There are very few people that can’t report a change in their habits during this pandemic and, as a result, as a tech business, we have all had to evolve in terms of the products we sell. The things you’ve been spending on has changed which means for retailers, the products we sell has changed as well.

Check out the second article in full on their site.

The Evolution Of What We Sell

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