Atlas’s Journey to Digital Innovation with Jacky’s Business Solutions

Before COVID-19, Atlas Group, a company with a rich legacy in offset printing, thrived in the traditional print realm, producing magazines and commercial prints. However, as the pandemic reshaped the world, it became clear that adaptation was not just an option, but a necessity. This realization led Atlas to an evolutionary leap, transitioning into a hybrid digital production house.

In addition to an existing Zund machine, Atlas decided to invest in digital technologies, a move that was both bold and strategic. The acquisition of the BRM SLIM 1300 Laser Cutting System from Jacky’s Business Solutions marked a significant milestone in this journey. The new focus was on merchandising, ranging from shopping bags to rigid boxes, and expanding into wide-format printing for exhibitions and shop fit-outs.

The BRM SLIM 1300 Laser Cutting System opened new horizons for Atlas. It allowed for in-house production of work that was previously outsourced. This not only streamlined operations but also reduced costs. The machine’s versatility enabled Atlas to enhance a wide range of products, including stationeries and rigid boxes, with a newfound precision and quality.

One of the most significant advantages of the new system was the ability to offer more personalized, print-on-demand services. Atlas could now cater to specific client needs without the constraint of minimum order quantities. This flexibility was a game-changer, particularly for high-value clients and during peak seasonal events.

Embracing the B2C market alongside its traditional B2B operations, Atlas started to reach an entirely new customer base. The BRM SLIM 1300 Laser Cutting System didn’t just enhance their capabilities; it redefined them. Atlas could now offer services previously unattainable, like custom card holders in smaller quantities, which were once a logistical and financial challenge.

With 30 years in the market, Atlas’s reputation for quality and innovation continues to grow. Their partnership with Jacky’s Business Solutions and the integration of the BRM SLIM 1300 Laser Cutting System have been pivotal in this journey of transformation. As they continue to explore new avenues and solutions, Atlas stands as a testament to the power of embracing change and the endless possibilities that come with digital innovation.

If you would like to learn about the latest products from BRM and how it can enhance your production, reach out to the Cutting Edge Solutions team on

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