Atlas Group expands its new printing division with the addition of Zund Cutter

Atlas Printing has expanded its infrastructure for merchandising business to include a new  Zünd G3 L2500 Digital Cutting System. According to Amit Radia, founder of the Atlas Group that owns and operates Atlas Printing, the business has pivoted and catering to the demand for merchandising has grown. Under a new division called ARM – Atlas Retail Merchandising – Zund complements the company’s existing infrastructure that taps into this lucrative market.

Zünd‘s modular tool and material-handling systems make it easy to tailor the G3 cutting system to specific cutting needs like those that are needed to customise in-store retail merchandising like POP and POS material as well as cater to other signage and display options for the burgeoning retail business. The unsurpassed productivity of the G3 cutter stems from the use of intelligent control technology, robust system components, and sophisticated tooling.

Radia said, “Creating merchandising is part of our growth strategy. It is now almost 60% of our business. Zund is not the cheapest in the market but it is the most efficient and gives us the flexibility to create merchandising and signage using different materials with great accuracy, smaller quantities and any shape we want on the fly.”

This capability has allowed Radia to also tap into the packaging sector. In addition to creating packaging in any shape or size, Atlas has also create the infrastructure to create bespoke shopping bags that gives them a turnaround of up to 5000 bags an hour. He added, “With the rules coming into force in June banning plastic, we see a new demand for this service. It also means that large retailers do not need to have huge stocks and we can turn these around soon.”

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What is a digital cutter?

A digital cutter is a machine used for cutting out parts of articles from layers of different material. The technically possible depth of cutting of the layer depends on the design of the cutting machine and on the thickness and properties of the type of material it cuts. Cutting machines may be movable or stationary. Zund cutting machines allow you to configure your digital cutter according to your individual production requirements and find the right cutting solution for each of your applications.

Where to find the best digital cutter in UAE?

Zund is the manufacturer of multifunctional digital cutters and are available through Cutting Edge Solutions. The main customers for these digital cutters are manufacturers and service providers in the graphics, packaging, textile and leather industries, as well as in technical textiles and composites.

Atlas Group expands its new printing division with the addition of Zünd Cutter

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