How RIP software makes the most of your printing projects

Software for large format printers is key to getting the most out of them. Jacky’s Business Solutions has been working with three key RIP software vendors, Onyx, Caldera and SAi catering to different needs within the printing sector.


Globally renowned for its powerful and user friendly wide-format RIP Software, Print Workflow, and Print Business software solutions, Onyx offer a variety of solutions specifically designed for low, mid, and high-volume print businesses. Onyx Graphics continues to pursue the company vision of helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. In September 2021, they introduced a monthly affordable subscription model for their various products. In addition to providing print solutions, ONYX Site Solutions is a unique approach to giving business owners accurate information about their print jobs, costs and productivity across their entire site. The latest products provide real-time data across the entire site so they can make better business decisions. With the strategy of releasing a version every year, Onyx’s version 22 is eagerly awaited. Each version brings with it enhanced functionalities, streamlining of processes, GUI and much more based on the feedback from loyal customers.


Caldera is the pioneer in Client/Server architecture, capable of driving a large fleet of printers and cutters from fewer operator workstations. Being the first RIP software based on Mac / Linux OS, Caldera can serve as a crash-free software that is preferred by leading production companies around the globe. The colour management options in Caldera is reliable and consistent while the automation options are helpful for customers handling multiple files at the same time.


Caldera has customised products that cater to various industry segments like – Signs & Digital graphics, Textile printing. Home Décor, Soft Signage, Vehicle wraps, Industrial printing.


Caldera has been developing high-quality software to empower the digital print & cut industry, serving the graphics and textile markets. Caldera is currently running on version 15. Coupled With a powerful Debian Linux / iOS Architecture, they have evolved to be a super reliable software with each change of version.


Another powerful  windows based software that drives cutters, routers & CNC machines, in addition to large format printers, is SAi. It offers sign making software for a total workflow including a complete line of tools and products for design, editing and production. Much has evolved over the years when it combined the features of all its products to evolve to a multifunctional software that caters to the evolving industry scenario.

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What is a RIP software?

A raster image processor (RIP) is a software that translates (rasterizes) design files (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, JPG, etc.) to a raster image also known as bitmap that is composed out of a matrix of dots that the printer can understand and print. The raster image is similar to the pixels on the computer screen. The RIP software processes multiple content types for a specific print environment and communicates that processed data to the printer for final output.

RIP software enables handling many file types and file sizes. In addition, most RIP software come with ICC (International Colour Consortium) colour profilers and allow colour management. It can also be used to enlarge images for printing without loss of detail since it increases the file resolution.


Which is the best RIP software for large format digital printing?

This answer to this question is mostly dependent on the end user’s production facility, his type of workflow, whether single or multiple printers, if cutters or routers are involved, whether they use Apple Mac or Windows based computers.


How does a RIP software help speed up the overall printing process?

The RIP is an important component in the printing process as it determines the colour, screen pattern and resolution of the printed product. The quality of the RIP software directly determines the quality of the output. RIP ensures reliable colour reproduction, saves time in the long run and reduces waste due to multiple reprints.

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