Softbank Robotics highlight women contributors to celebrate International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day and month being celebrated every March, we thought we would share some of the stories that our vendor, Softbank Robotics Europe shared about some of the women in the team and what they bring to the creativity and ingenuity of the humanoid robots, Pepper and Nao.

The Expressivity team

Despite various campaigns to improve gender diversity in tech, women are still underrepresented in software engineering and computer science related jobs with, according to a study, only 26% of such positions held by women. However, the Expressivity team in SBRE is an “outlier in this dataset”, with 6 out of 7 members being women! This is also one of the most culturally diverse teams in the company with 5 different nationalities present. Meet the Expressivity team at Softbank Robotics.

Ons Chalghoumi, Test Bench Engineer

Ons is a Test Bench Engineer in the AME (Advanced Manufacturing Engineering) team at Softbank Robotics Europe. Her role is to design, develop and implement test benches in the production line. You can find out more of her here.

Karen Tatarian, Robotics Researcher

She is a student of Sorbonne and works on research that goes into the programming and develop the next type of robots. You can find out more here.

Yasmine Khansari, UX designer

User Experience (UX) design is all about understanding what the user needs, their impressions of the product and what are the real problems they are facing. As a UX Designer specialized in voice experience, her main mission is to explore this technology from the user perspective. In order to better define and measure the efficiency of a conversation with a robot, I try to understand properly the fundamentals of voice interaction between people and its attributes. You can find out more of what she does here.

Béatrice Verlhac, Mechanical Conception Manager         

As a Manager of the Mechanical team, Béatrice coordinates a team of 10 people, mostly mechanical engineers. Typically my workday is split between team management, dealing with technical issues, contributing to technical notes, making sure that deliverables are validated and ready for project milestones and gathering inputs for the Mechanical department in meetings with other teams. Find out more about her and her role here.

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Softbank Robotics highlight women contributors to celebrate International Women’s Day

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