Zund Cut Center ushers in a new era in digital cutting automation

Zünd has revamped the ZCC Zünd Cut Centre software and user interface from the ground up. In Version 4, ZCC offers even more capabilities for flexible, automated file preparation and efficient digital cutting. Controlling the cutter via touchscreen makes for extremely intuitive and simple operation.

The new ZCC V4 answers a growing need for flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness. It supports operators with countless smart, intuitive digital-cutting functions throughout the production workflow. This makes Zünd Cut Centre ideal for novices as a fast and easy introduction to digital cutting, while also offering experienced users significant upgrades in file-preparation and production automation. As such, ZCC ensures top-quality cutting results in every situation, regardless of the experience level of the operator or the degree of automation in prepress.

With its client-server architecture, the software’s modular design enables configurations tailored to specific production requirements. The user purchases only the software components they need – no more, no less. And more options can be added anytime.

Zünd offers ZCC in two different editions. ZCC Zünd Cut Centre Basic is ideal for users in production environments that don’t require functions such as automatic data import, job queues, or data exchange with other systems. ZCC Zünd Cut Centre Advanced is suitable for all users with high order volumes and a desire to increase their productivity through workflow automation. They may have multiple Zünd Cutters in operation at the same time and need to be able to exchange data with other systems integrated in their production workflow. In the Advanced edition, users have access to functions such as the job queue, information on the estimated production time, import via hot folders, and email notifications. For both editions, options such as the Camera Option, Pick & Place Option, Visualizing Option, and Routing Option can be purchased individually.

The new Zünd Cut Centre impresses with its highly intuitive user interface and easy touchscreen operation. There is a logical progression of user inputs through the setup process. A cleanly designed user interface guides the operator through job preparation and cutter control. Automatic import can significantly reduce the number of manual entries required.

ZCC is offered as a perpetual license that includes Software Maintenance. Software Maintenance ensures not only well-maintained, well-functioning software, it also offers customers all the new options and functions Zünd may release for ZCC. This includes everything from small bug fixes to extensive software updates. New options can be added without first having to purchase the latest version of ZCC. Customers no longer have to worry about purchasing software upgrades in order to keep their Zünd Cut Centre up to date.

For anyone based in the Middle East and Africa, that wants to find out how Zund helps streamline your production, please reach out to our team on support@cuttingedge.solutions.

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