L3 Leather Cutter

L3 Leather Cutter

Smart, efficient leather cutting: The L3 is perfect for the leather industry and is specifically designed for producing top-quality leather goods.

L3 Cutting System for Leather Manufacturing

  • Processes leather, sole, lining, and stencil materials efficiently.
  • Handles complex patterns at high speeds.
  • Eliminates time-consuming post-production finishing tasks.

L3 cutter overview

The 2 different cutter models of the L3 line let you select the perfect machine size for all your production needs. Our digital cutting systems are intelligent, efficient, and ready for the future.

  • Optimize your productivity!
  • Efficient and economical
  • A tailor-made cutting system.
  • Cutting non-stop

L3 cutter sizes

Choose from 2 different sizes to select the perfect machine for your application.



Zünd L3 – efficient, robust, powerful

The L3 cutter is a fast, robust, and precise tool that significantly increases manufacturers’ output through its smart motion control, precise drive system, and fine-tuned cutting technology.

Projection system in production

A projection system provides visual assistance to operators throughout all production stages, from capturing leather to nesting and removing cut parts.

Optimal material hold-down

Flexible tooling

The L3 allows for precise tool selection and combination, allowing for up to seven different tools to be equipped for specific production needs

Integrated tool initialization

Quick, accurate, and effective: an integrated tool calibration system allows for complete automatic setup of cutting tools, blades, and bits. The correct cutting depth can be quickly and precisely determined without the need for any manual steps thanks to the ITI Initialization System.

Ergonomic operation

The slanted nature of the L3 working surface makes loading and unloading easier. The control panel is movable and mounted on a guide rail for maximum accessibility.


Flexible in the choice of materials

Leather uppers

Cutting and perforating tools specially developed for leather cutting ensure optimal performance and productivity.

Sole materials

Hard, tough materials require particularly powerful tools. Robust tools such as the Electric Oscillating Tool – EOT or the Pneumatic Oscillating Tool – POT are perfectly suited for cutting sole materials.

Stencil materials

Process stencil material of any kind. For materials that are too hard or dense for cutting, Zünd offers a range of routing tools to get the job done.

Roll materials

Leather processing is your core business, and you want to increase the flexibility of the L3 even more? With the optional roll-off unit, you can easily and efficiently process rolls of synthetic leather, and others up to 2 m/ 78 in width and a weight of 70 kg/ 154 lbs.

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