Zund Highlights Digital Cutting at Fespa Global Print Expo

As anticipation builds for the Fespa Global Print Expo in Amsterdam from March 19 to 22, Jacky’s Business Solutions’ vendor, Zünd, gears up to showcase its latest advancements in revolutionizing the print and cut industry. Renowned for its precision and efficiency, Zünd will be highlighting how digital cutting can translate into tangible gains for businesses of all scales.

At Booth D40 in Hall 1, visitors will be treated to a dynamic display of how Zünd’s cutting-edge technology, coupled with intelligent software solutions and an array of optional automated material handling features, can elevate digital cutting to new heights of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With Zünd’s solutions, print service providers can optimize their operational processes, minimize production costs, and ultimately enhance the profitability of their cutting and finishing operations.

The hallmark of Zünd’s product line lies in its modularity, offering businesses the flexibility to tailor their cutting solutions to meet evolving demands. Whether it’s adding new tools or integrating advanced material-handling options, Zünd’s platform ensures a secure and future-proof investment for businesses looking to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

One of the spotlight innovations showcased by Zünd is its new board-loading extension featuring UNDERCAM technology, designed to streamline the production process with semi-automatic board feeding and job registration capabilities. This breakthrough enhances operational efficiency and flexibility, significantly reducing both time and costs associated with production. By seamlessly integrating with Zünd cutters, this extension unlocks new possibilities for applications involving cutting and creasing on various materials.

In addition to hardware advancements, Zünd will also present its cutting-edge software solutions aimed at optimizing workflow automation. PrimeCenter, a pivotal component in prepress operations, simplifies print and cut file preparation, ensuring a seamless transition from design to production. Furthermore, Zünd Connect offers invaluable insights into production monitoring and analysis, empowering businesses to identify areas for optimization and enhance overall equipment effectiveness.

Furthermore, Zünd will unveil a range of solutions for partial and fully automated material handling, presenting signage and graphics manufacturers with opportunities for substantial cost savings. These automated production cells not only reduce labour costs but also ensure uninterrupted production, driving efficiency from order placement to shipping.

At the heart of Zünd’s showcase lies the completely revamped Zünd Cut Centre (ZCC), offering enhanced control over robotic systems for automatic part picking and sorting. Collaborating with partners like Robotfactory, Zünd demonstrates the seamless integration of robotic arms to optimize production processes further. With features like optical part marking and printed QR codes, Zünd empowers businesses with end-to-end job tracking and streamlined logistics.

If you are at Fespa, visit Booth D40 in Hall 1 to experience the future of digital cutting firsthand or reach out to our team at Cutting Edge Solutions on support@cuttingedge.solutions to set up meetings with our team who will be with Zund at the event.

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