QMS systems helps manage vaccine appointments

As the UAE Government's continues to take steps to combat the pandemic by rolling out vaccines, our Queue Management Systems help to handle walk-in and appointments for patients at any facility that is distributing these vaccines. The systems can be integrated with HIS providing seamless patient journey from registration, signs, consultation and vaccination in an efficient manner.

The systems flow starts with the customer/patient getting a queue appointment via mobile or website selecting the nearest vaccination centre. On arrival the customer scans the Emirates ID from a ticket kiosk and gets into the queue where the customer’s number is called by the nursing station for vital signs and transfers the waiting number to the doctor and managed right through to the post-vaccine monitoring and management.

The entire process from beginning to end can be managed by the QMS system that are already in place in several approved centres and can be deployed quite effortlessly in several others.

If you want to talk to the team about these systems, drop us an email on vms.sales@jackys.com for more detailed and personalised discussions.


QMS Systems Helps Manage Vaccine Appointments

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