Emirates HR upgrades QMS system from 300i to 700i

Emirates HR, who have been using a QMS system for over 15 years has upgraded to QMS 700i. Used in its Employee Services Centre, the new system incorporates enhancements in several areas, including system reliability, network security, system scalability, mobile technology, system installation and support. System status information and reporting features have also been improved.

According to the team at Emirates HR, the system met their minim requirements. The new QMS 700i features a powerful embedded Queue Processor and uses the Ethernet LAN as the standard communication media because of its network robustness and reliability. WiFi connectivity is also supported. Encryption is used on wired and wireless LAN during data transmission to safeguard the information especially when sensitive data such as personal ID, password, financial figures, etc. are involved.

QMS700i system can be configured as a self-contained network which automatically assigned its local IP addresses. The team at Emirates HR commented that the basic functions of the new QMS system are end user friendly and generates monthly reports and integrates with their systems.

If you want to explore these solutions for your organisation, reach out to our team on vms.sales@jackys.com to set up a meeting.

Why is QMS important?
Managing the queue in any public dealing office is the main challenge. A good Queue Management System (QMS) is the solution to all scenarios in the smooth customer journey from pre-arrival to post-serving.
What are the advantages of QMS 700i over QMS 300i?
QMS700i is the new model of QMS300i. It is totally web-based solution with several enhanced modules and features. It has built-in dashboard and report designer. QMS700i provides many APIs to be integrated with any 3rd party applications. 

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