Jacky’s Business Solutions launches new visual communications solutions

Jackys Business Solutions, under its VMS (visitor management systems) Division, has added new offerings in the areas of Visual communications. These include flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions that can build vast dynamic digital canvases and create digital landmarks using immersive experiences.

Manoj Ganpathy, Division Manager at VMS, said, “Jacky’s strongly believes in providing total solutions rather than just supplying hardware. Our strong team can now provide innovative display solutions including signage content management systems on both cloud and on premises, facial recognition with analytics, digital way finding and Interactive applications, ambient light, sound and data integrated smart solutions – some of the most cutting edge options for visual communications.”

VMS division have been the market leaders for providing solutions related to queue management solution including humanoid robots, customer feedback solutions, currency counting solutions, in store music to government departments, banking, healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors for the past 23 years.

For further details on a customized solution for your company, please reach out to Jacky’s sales team on Jane.Victorioso@jackys.com.


Jacky’s Business Solutions Launches New Visual Communications Solutions

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