Why you should pick the Flexa Sublimax

The dye-sublimation is a technique that allows the customization of print fabrics. It is particularly suitable for technical or customized sportswear, for fabrics and curtains used for events, fairs, festivals and customization of stores.

Flexa's range is composed of machines for roll to roll applications for large production, or for small single pieces by adding a table.

Compared to its competition, Flexa's Sublimax are a made in-house to ensure that it has full quality control. The machines are versatile: the table can be added with a few and easy adjustments. The cylinder starts from a quite wide diameter, not below 250mm for a high-performance.

It uses oil drum system Vs infrared machine because the latter is slower and the constancy of the heat is lower. Its touchscreen display is easy to use and operator friendly, and can store numerous parameters, to monitor the heating curves, troubleshooting diagnoses, and much more.

Sublimax has several heating elements in the drum to have a constant heating diffusion, very low Maintenance. If there is breakage in the heating elements breakage, there is no need to stop the machine, simply exclude/remove the broken element.

If you are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss Sublimax or any of our cutters, contact Prajakta Patil on support@cuttingedge.solutions.


Why You Should Pick The Flexa Sublimax

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