Emirates Post enhances customer service management with QMS systems

Emirates Post partnered with Jacky’s Business Solutions to deploy Queue Management solutions (QMS) across all its centres.

Emirates Post is constantly in pursuit of raising its customers' happiness by enhancing their customer experience at all its centres. They were looking for an advanced system that would streamline the customer journey from pre-arrival to post services. Jacky’s solution underwent rigorous evaluation as well as a tender process prior to being selected by Emirates Post management as a preferred vendor to deploy such solutions across all its centres. Both Emirates Post’s and Jacky’s teams worked closely on how to best match the requirements during the analysis phase, leading up to project implementation and post project delivery services, offering expert consultation and excellent services.

As part of a well-organized project plan, and upon fulfilment of all pre-implementation phases; testing – UAT (User Acceptance Testing), proof of concept (POC), and pilot, Jacky’s had implemented a centralized QMS and rolled out to Emirates Post’s key centres across the UAE as Phase 1. The QMS integration with Emirates Post’s Mobile App and POS (Point of Sale) was implemented in parallel to the deployment of the systems in these centres.

Considering Emirates Post’s geographical distribution with more than 80 centres across UAE, the centralized QMS provides a unified, holistic-yet-detailing, monitoring tool on Emirates Post’s service level improving quality of services across all its centres. It manages and directs the flow of customers efficiently for better customer experience. In addition to the user-friendly interface, the system provides seamless integration, an interactive dashboard and customizable reports enriched with Emirates Post’s KPIs.

In Phase 2, the QMS system was rolled out to more centres of Emirates Post, meeting the challenges of the future, and ensuring optimization of its work forces as well as maintaining a safer environment for both staff & customers.

To further enhance its customers experience, Emirates Post & Jacky’s are currently phasing the launch of the “e-appointment” through Emirates Post Mobile App to allow customers to book and schedule their visits to centres avoiding peak & crowded timings in the centres.

Moreover, QMS was successfully integrated with different regulatory systems and platforms as set by the UAE Government.

If you want to talk to the team about the right system for you or schedule a demo, drop us an email on vms.sales@jackys.com for more detailed and personalised discussions.


Emirates Post Enhances Customer Service Management With QMS Systems

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