CMS Printing Solutions switches to Engview Packaging Suite

CMS has been a premier provider of printing solutions in the ME region for over 15 years. Today it is a multifaceted print production company employing over 240 people with specialize skill sets for offset, digital, packaging and installation projects. In 2020, the company switched to Engview after using other packaging design packages that did not offer the capabilities that a dedicated packaging design software offers.

Engview offered the design team at CMS the ability to quickly design packages using existing parametric designs from its packaging library, visualize the concept through 3D presenter/HTML animation and prepare nesting layouts for production. This capability also allowed the company to share designs with their customers for approval without the need for printing prototypes.

Benson Mathews, Product Manager at Cutting Edge Solutions, added, “Engview, especially in this digital age, gives these large printers and packaging houses the capability of customising design in micro-levels which in turn means that create an efficient production line and be more agile in creating customer satisfaction.”

If you would like to find out how this could help you or your packaging business, please drop us a line on to find out how we can help you.

CMS Printing Solutions Switches To Engview Packaging Suite

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