Caravan Signs installs mirror wall made from 3A composite at Riyadh Front

Jacky’s Business customer, Caravan Industries, a well-established sign manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, has created and installed a special mirror wall at the new Riyadh Front, located near King Khalid International Airport. Created out of aluminium composite material (ACM) from 3A Composites, Caravan created a mirror-finish façade 14m wide and 8m high that is one of the highlights of the future design the mall was looking for.

According to Benson Mathews, Product Manager at Cutting Edge Solutions, “while ACM is available in Riyadh none of the material available have the polished mirror finish that the mall developers were looking for”. The 3A DIBOND Composite sheet is made of a unique alloy that gives stability, is particularly high corrosion-resistance and excellent capabilities for further processing.

Caravan Industries created the façade on a Zund machine at their production facility in Jeddah and completed the whole project, including transportation within two weeks.

3A Composites develops, manufactures and markets high-quality aluminium composite panels, structural composite materials, plastic sheets and lightweight foam boards that can be customized to fit the signage and display needs of key industries including architecture and design.

If you have a design or architectural or signage project that you would like help with, drop us a line on to find out how we can help you.

Caravan Signs Installs Mirror Wall Made From 3A Composite At Riyadh Front

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