Engview Systems introduces Dieboard Calculator

Engview Systems has introduced Dieboard Calculator, an important first step to online die making. Using it, packaging companies can check the price for their dieboard design online. Moreover, these production houses can now create the design online, try different sheet sizes and see which price will better suit their project. Diemakers, on the other hand, will automate their sales process so that they don't lose time defining projects and making cost estimations. They will have ready correct drawings and requirements to do their job, eliminating communication misunderstandings and technical errors.

The Dieboard Calculator imports and exports files from standard CAD formats so it doesn't matter what CAD software the diemaker is using. Currently, the interface of the system is in four languages: English, German, Hungarian and Bulgarian.

The setup of а diemaker's account takes 30 minutes – to add a logo, choose colours and tick the capabilities that the diemaker has like cost of rules, flat or rotary die, the width of the board, etc. The service is free for the end customers like packaging companies to calculate the cost of their dieboard projects.

If you want to find out more, please reach out to support@cuttingedge.solutions for more information or a consultation.


Engview Systems introduces Dieboard Calculator

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