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Welcome to our August updates. As we get closer to the opening of the Expo season and schools get back to normal, we are looking at more businesses exploring and expanding their options – from making...

Jacky Panjabi selected as one of top 100 Retail Icons

In order to recognize the efforts, acknowledge their success, and celebrate their achievements Images RetailME put together the RetailME ICONS, a list to honour the 100 most powerful retail leaders in...

Out of the Box release new images of 3D printed projects

Out of the Box LLC, a Dubai-based company focused on creating 3D printed activations has released a few images from its recent project that were printed on its Massivit 1800 3D printer that it install...

Noodle House and Kiza trial robots for service

Noodle House and Kiza Dubai have been trialling various service robots to improve their service efficiencies. Noodle House was testing the KettyBot, the new food delivery robot for small format casua...

Continuity of Pepper & NAO: message to Customers from SoftBank Robotics Europe

With a lot of reports in the media over the last few months, Softbank Robotics Europe have a special message to clarify their commitment to the future of Pepper and Nao robots. We share an extract fro...

Why HP Latex Ink makes you environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Over 50 HP products contain ocean-bound plastic. HP Latex L700 / 800 printers contain 20 percent (almost 10 kg) of recycled plastics recovered from post-consumer electronics, HP closed loop, soda bott...

What is thermoforming & vacuum forming? How to 3D print moulds easily on BigRep

Vacuum forming has been used for nearly a century to make many of the products we see and use daily. From grocery store items to car parts, vacuum formed components are all around us. But how are they...

The next generation of rapid automotive prototyping

Regardless of the industry, getting your product to market before your competitors provides a major advantage. This, of course, is business 101. However, sacrificing quality and precision for the sake...


Subtractive to Additive Manufacturing Webinar

We are pleased to invite you to attend our Subtractive to Additive Manufacturing Webinar!

PrintOS Service Center Webinar

We are pleased to invite you to attend our PrintOS Service Center Webinar!



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