- Display machin and workpiece coordinates
- Jog movements separated for each axes, continuos and step. 
- Editor ISO G-Code intuitive and powerful with MDI management
- 2D and 3D graphic visualization of ISO file and estimation of processing times. 
- Load by manual and automatic tools selection
- Parking and multiple origins G5X management 
- Tools and correctors management (Lenght and Radius)
- Start, stop, pause e restart from a precise block of ISO list 
- Full diagnostic with I/O and alarms display 
- Spindle overfeed  and tool overfeed 
- Presetting managing for origins acquisition G5X
- Scanner laser managing for 3D scans
- Programmable automatic tool change 
- Electronic handwheel management (RM-KeypadTX) 
3d Professional Pantograph ideal for: 
- Milling and engraving of plastics, resins, and wood materials, aluminum, brass and stone 
- Cutting of panels and shapes 
- Milling and drilling of circuit boards 
- Dispensing glue 
- Cutting panels and shapes 
- 3D Rapid Prototyping 
- Three-dimensional artistic realizations
- 3D object and shapes 
- Engraving on glass 

Professional Solution - Record Performance - High Accuracy 
Ideal in all those Areas where the dynamic PERFORMANCE of the work must be matched in high accuracy and repeatability 
Gold jewelry, musical instruments, precision mechanics, glassed production.

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