QMS400i Education

QMS400i is an integrated queue management system that offers sophisticated system features and affordability. It incorporates advanced embedded system technologies and supports LAN, WLAN and web accessibility. It provides real time status views and reports on service, counter and staff performances. Data are captured and stored in flash memories, and optionally can be uploaded to central QMS server at head office or data centre.


QMS400i Series offers the ideal solution for customers who are looking for affordable queue management systems to cater for small number of counters. By using advanced electronics and all-in-one design approach, QMS400i Series is able to minimise system component counts and achieved significant cost savings. By employing wireless technology, system installation work is greatly simplified.

Main system features:

  • All-in-one Design Versatile main system controller emulates the Main Display and Voice Module functions besides managing the queue system operations and supporting Web Counter Terminals. The integrated design helps to minimise the total cost of ownership.
  • Web-based Solutions System monitoring, reporting, maintenance and control can be performed remotely via standard web browser. No software installation is needed. Web interface offers ease of use and reduce learning curve.
  • Web Counter Terminal Staff PC can be used as a calling terminal to call the customer without any software installation. This simplifies deployment and reduces system cost.
  • Wireless Support Integrated WiFi technology helps to minimize cabling and thus installation costs. It comes in handy when it is impossible to lay cable, especially on existing site.
  • Branch-Corporate Connectivity Integrated support to a central QMS server for central data depository, status monitoring and reporting.



  • Embedded system with all-in-one concept
  • Integrated Main Display and Voice Announcement functions
  • Web-based technology
  • Integrated Web Counter Terminal function
  • Wireless support
  • Real time status views
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • Comprehensive counter functions:- Login, NEXT, CALL,
  • Multiple ticket & transfer services
  • Support alphanumeric ticket numbers
  • Multiple service priority
  • Integrated support for branch-headquarters network
  • Connectivity
  • Optional integration with QMS® apps




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