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How is the Smart Helmet being useful in Government Departments and Law Enforcement?

Touchless Measurement of temperature: Law Enforcement departments can use the smart helmets in screening people in large and open areas such as Airports, Shopping Malls, Place of worships, densely populated areas, downtown, etc.,  This will also allow to isolate people running high temperature and reduce the risk of transmission of virus.
Continuous monitoring: You can empower security personnel who can monitor visitors, suppliers and staff continuously at every entry and
exit gate
Health inspection:  Record keeping of the office employees can be a daunting task. With the help of smart helmets advanced features such as QR code scanning, we can capture and store the temperature of employees in real time and save it in the organization database.
Authorized/Unauthorized access: Using the advanced function of Face detection and vehicle number plate, organizations can grant access to authorized staff to certain restricted areas. This will be pre-determined in the database
Night Patrolling: Police personnel can use the smart helmet in Industrial, O&G, Pipeline, chillers which can assist the patrolling security personnel on night duty to find areas with abnormal temperature or search for  an un-authorized person during the night.

Jacky’s Business Solutions, a 50-year-old family owned business and a trusted name in many countries, has worked on a variety of Pandemic Prevention solutions and launched the first of its kind, AI based Smart Helmets.

Health care workers around the world have been heavily challenged in recent times to combat the spread of a pandemic. The number of infections in every country has been steadily increasing and the fatality rates are also climbing day by day. Most of the countries have been providing regular guidelines on self-isolation, social distancing and good hygiene practices. In the history of recent times, the world is battling with one enemy, “The invisible Virus”. It is believed that more than half of the world’s population is under complete lock down. Countries that relax lock down measures may have to face a second wave with a serious relapse.

Although we have strict regulations in place, we still have no signs of slowing down in the numbers of infections. Early detection of infected patients can be a one of the best methods of prevention and can certainly save lives.

Our Smart Helmet can perform rapid screening up to 200/ per minute for Fever Detection with +/- 0.3 C degree accuracy.
This versatile smart helmet is constructed with high quality material and can take an impact of 3kg weight direct fall from 1 mts height without any damage to the person wearing the helmet.
With a built-in battery, the helmet can work continuously for up to 8 hours in the temperature measuring mode.
The helmet comes with built-in goggles which are made up of premium Photo chromic material only used by pilots. These come with multiple layers of protection to the user. It can be worn and adapts itself to any light conditions during the day and prevents air borne droplets, scratch, fingerprint and water mist. It can also withstand high speed impact.
This High-tech helmet comes with built in AR Screen giving the user experience of watching 74” diagonal screen at a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a brightness of 300 nits. There are no dark corners or blind spot or sense of oppression.

Our state-of-the-art Helmet comes with an array of intelligent features such as:

 Capturing temperature of solo/group of people Mode: Instant screening and capturing of people’s temperature is possible and this can be set with an alarm trigger that is audible and visual. This happens if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold.
 QR code scanning Mode: This will allow automatic recording of temperature information and updates on a real time basis with the database. The whole process is paperless.
 QR code & Temperature measurement Mode: In this mode we can scan the QR code first to acquire the personal information first and the temperature measurement is taken in less than 3 sec. The personal information and corresponding temperature will be stored automatically in real time into the back-end database which is completely paperless.
 Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging Mode: Our intelligent smart helmet can also assist and detect in finding the locations of specific body parts which are causing a rise in temperature and causing fever.
 Night Vision and Facility Inspection Mode: Since the thermal imaging is built into the helmets, we can also have the thermal imaging and scanning of Industrial, Oil & Gas facilities, HVAC equipment’s, Pipelines, Chillers, which will assist the patrolling security personnel or night duty watch man to find areas with abnormal temperature or search for  an un-authorized person during the night.
 Face Recognition Mode:  In order to grant access to the employees and visitors, face detection can be enabled at the entry gates. The face of the person in front can be recognized and the personal information will be displayed on the AR screen. This way you can restrict the guest entering certain areas of the facility.
 License Plate detection Mode: Our smart helmets can also be programmed to recognize and identify the vehicle license plate and give alerts on unregistered vehicles or blacklisted vehicles recorded in the database.
 License Plate Recognition & Temperature Measurement Mode: In this mode along with the vehicle number plate the temperature of the target from the center of the AR screen can be captured. A trigger can be enabled if the temperature exceeds certain threshold using audible and visual alarm.

In addition to all the rich features our Smart Helmet also comes with a wearable Smart wristwatch for handsfree operation

Smart watch comes with the below key functions:

  • Parameter settings for one click calibration
  • Mode switching: to change 9 different modes
  • WLAN connection
  • Data Exporting





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