Softbank Whiz: Why is air quality important?

SoftBank Robotics EMEA hosted a special webinar "The Critical Importance of Air Quality in the Built Environment" in April and shared the white paper findings by SoftBank and Infogrid. The webinar (which can be watched here) hosted a special panel discussion with leading industry experts as they explored this research on harmful air-borne particulate matters in office accommodation.

The importance of the quality of the air we breathe has always been intuitively understood and historic evidence of bad air quality living and working conditions are rife.

The headlines of increases in asthma, increases in the incidences and severity of COPD, and the increases in mortality because of bad air quality and pollution make for depressing reading. According to the World Health Organization, clean air is considered to be a basic requirement of human health and well-being. However, air pollution continues to pose a significant threat to health worldwide.

According to a WHO assessment of the burden of disease due to air pollution, more than 2 million premature deaths each year can be attributed to the effects of urban outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution.

You can access the full white paper here or get in touch with our team on to find out how Whiz can help your organisation achieve better air quality.



What is a vacuum robot cleaner?

A “Robotic vacuum cleaner” is an autonomous equipment used for floor cleaning. It uses sensors and robotic drives with programmable controllers using self-drive to achieve the cleaning objectives with limited human control. They use spinning brushes to remove the dirt from the deep end of the floor while dramatically improving the indoor air quality.

Most of the organizations and homes use robot vacuum cleaners as a COBOT or as a co-worker. This means the robot can deliver the daily monotonous work while the janitor can focus more on spot cleaning or focus on quality jobs which maters the most.


What is the best Vacuum Robot Cleaner to buy?

The Robot vacuum cleaners comes in various sizes and formats depending on whether you would like to deploy at home or in commercial areas. For round the clock (24×7) cleaning for commercial establishments it is advisable to research available products in your market.

Although there are handful of suppliers from the far east, one of the products which stands out is the “WHIZ Robot” from reputed company called Soft Bank Robotics. Whiz has been deployed in many countries and performing very well. They play an active role in the facilities management, Hospitality, Real estate and Retail industry.

Softbank Whiz: Why is air quality important?

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