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Robotics, AI and Automation


Robotics Process Automation  is a software technology that automates the task

A digital avatar is a virtual representation of an individual in the online world

Humanoid robot 

The world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal robot for your home or business.

The world’s leading telepresence robot.

BellaBot is a food delivery robot

Nao- the humanoid robot 

Kettybot is an adorable service delivery robot

The dish collecting robot for restaurants

Puductor 2 is a new generation smart Disinfection robot from PUDU Robotics

2 in 1 AI powered vacuum sweeper + Disinfection robot

Built on the Temi platform, offers high-performance 

Intelligent curtain wall cleaning robot.

Subscription-based program that makes it easy to add powerful autonomous mobile robotics to your operation

A smart, self-navigating floor-cleaning robot.

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The system with enhanced workflow optimization streamlines customers from pre-arrival to post services.

Customer Feedback Solution

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Tailored mobile solutions with advanced security for businesses.

Microsoft Surface for Business: Powerful, integrated devices for enhanced professional productivity.

Microsoft Intune is a Cloud Based Service by Microsoft for managing mobile devices. 

Revolutionize your organization by adopting DaaS for smart device success!

Custom enclosures for smartphones and tablets, personalized to user preferences.

Smart data capture platform – automates scanning of barcodes, text, IDs and objects. Any smart device, anywhere.


A provider of healthcare technology solutions and services

Manufactures rugged and versatile mounting systems for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices that can be attached nearly anywhere

German manufacturer specializing in top-tier, dependable charging solutions for Tablets/iPads and laptop charging stations.

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Escalator Handrail Disinfection & Sterilization Solution

Smart meeting workflow for efficient space and resource utilization.

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Experience the future of healthcare with ConnectedCare and streamline everyday life at the hospital comfortably and more efficiently.

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Dynamic displays for effective business communication and branding.

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MakerBot Ultimaker provide advanced 3D printing solutions for business innovation and production.

BigRep offers businesses large-format 3D printing for precise and industrial-scale production.

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Zund offers cutting-edge digital cutting solutions for businesses, enhancing precision and efficiency in various industries through their advanced cutting systems.

Laser technology into various business processes for precision, productivity, and innovation.

Engview optimizes packaging design and production for streamlined business efficiency.

Leading manufacturer of sheet materials for the field of visual communication.

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HP provides top-notch large-format printing solutions for businesses, ensuring high-quality and efficient printing.

FLEXA is one of the world’s best finishing equipment manufacturers.

Sai Software by HP streamlines business operations with tailored software solutions for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Caldera by HP is an integrated business software streamlining IT management and workflow automation.

Onyx Software by HP provides integrated CRM and ERP solutions for streamlined business operations.

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