Jacky’s Business Solutions expands robotic solutions with Holabot from Pudu Robotics

After the success of BellaBot, KettyBot and Puductor2, PUDU Robotics and Jacky’s Business Solutions have added “HolaBot" to its growing portfolio of robots in the healthcare and hospitality sectors. Jacky’s Business Solutions has partnered with PUDU Robotics to distribute its range of products to leverage its well-developed eco-system of channel partners and solutions partners across the UAE.

Holabot is a smart delivery robot which offers autonomous mobile robotic capabilities to both the hospitality and healthcare industry. Equipped with large capacity, a high carrying capacity and gesture recognition plus voice control modules, HolaBot can largely improve the turnaround efficiency, particularly in any hospital environment.

HolaBot is an Intelligent COBOT (co-working Robot) used to shift medical supplies (up to 60Kg) from one place to another in a single operation. The robot can be called to a desired location, ordered to collect and send to a predefined location efficiently, freeing the workforce from these simple tasks. It can be used as an indoor courier serving the staff, patients and visitors round the clock (24×7) with a swappable battery.

The new addition will be supported by Jacky’s service center and an IT team that are professionally trained for onsite deployments as well as also help with any complex integration and customizations based on customer needs.

If you want to reach out to our team to find out more about this robot can help your hospital or clinic, please send an email to vms.sales@jackys.com to set up a consultation.

Jacky’s Business Solutions expands robotic solutions with Holabot from Pudu Robotics

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