Jacky’s Business Solutions & Microsoft Surface: A Winning Formula for Modernizing Your Business

Jacky’s Business Solutions and Redington collaborated to host Surface Modern Workshops, a special event in late February to illuminate the transformative potential of combining Microsoft Surface devices with the power of Microsoft 365 (M365).

Modernize with Surface Workshops

Developed by Microsoft specifically for Surface Authorized Resellers like Jacky’s Business Solutions, these workshops empower them to nurture existing customer relationships and help them make the most of their Surface devices. The program goes beyond simply showcasing products. Instead, it focuses on the mid-funnel customer journey, guiding participants to build upon their current Surface investments and unlock new possibilities.

A Focus on Value

The workshop delved into the idea of “building on success.” This means helping companies leverage their existing Surface technology to achieve even greater results. By demonstrating tangible business value, the program goes beyond features and functionalities. It showcases how modern solutions can translate into real-world benefits, ultimately accelerating sales opportunities.

A Structured Approach for Optimal Results

The Modernize with Surface Workshop followed a clear, three-stage structure designed to maximize impact for users. It helped Jacky’s and its team gain a deep understanding of their customers’ specific needs and goals helping them to explore all the possibilities that Surface and M365 offer, tailored directly to the client’s unique requirements. The workshop then focused on helping the customer create a concrete action plan designed to help businesses achieve their full potential.

A Partnership for Progress

The success of the February workshop underscores the valuable partnership between Jacky’s Business Solutions and Redington for Microsoft Surface solutions. By working together, they empower businesses in Dubai to unlock their full potential with modern technology solutions.

To sign on for the next series of workshops or to find out more about how Microsoft Surface can help you, reach out to Bridget Dsouza on bridget.dsouza@jackys.com.

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