Mayku FormBox creates a mini factory in the home and is now available at Jacky’s

SAi Box&The Mayku FormBox, a desktop vacuum former which is the beginning of the tabletop factory revolution, is now available to order through Jacky’s. Whether making tasty treats with the kids or innovative products to sell online, the Mayku FormBox is the perfect partner for any home or business, allowing consumers to start their very own production line. The FormBox doesn’t require any software, using just the power of vacuum to create molds and designs immediately from anything from seashells found at the beach to 3D prints from a 3D printer.

The FormBox is the perfect addition for the budding creative looking to make items such as chocolates, household accessories such as candles or even soaps thanks to the selection of materials that can be used with the FormBox. When making molds for food, the Mayku Cast Sheets are transparent and food-safe, while the Mayku Form Sheets are a rigid, recyclable plastic for product packaging, prototyping and enhancing craft projects.

You can get more information on or drop us an for more information.

Mayku FormBox Creates A Mini Factory In The Home And Is Now Available At Jacky’s

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