Noodle House and Kiza trial robots for service

Noodle House and Kiza Dubai have been trialling various service robots to improve their service efficiencies.

Noodle House was testing the KettyBot, the new food delivery robot for small format casual dining restaurants from Pudu Robotics. Kettybot were being used for customer meet and greet and it drew a lot of attention from the visitors to the mall. They are currently considering the purchase of a couple of units for their branches.

After successful demo trails, Kiza Restaurant has purchased a Bellabot to join their workforce. The management, staff and, above all, the customers love the robot. The new service robot is making life easier for the food runners by giving them a helping hand. Now the waiters can spend more time focusing on their customers by building loyalty, upselling, cross-selling various products which will increase the revenue and footfall of the customers.

Both robots are from Pudu Robotics and come with delivery trays, docks as well as display options that offer restaurants not just service options but also options for display and promotions.

Jackys Business Solutions’ VMS division were offering their service robots (Kettybot, Bellabot or Pudubot) for a week’s trial for free to suitable restaurants to try them before buying.

Please reach out to Jacky’s VMS team on if you need to see a physical demo or quote or to set up a consultation. 

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